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WAT?  The last day of August.   Soon it will be the ‘Perfect’ full moon in Pisces at  9:58am.  Two hours from now.  Two full moons in one month =Blue Moon.  What ‘fullness’ do you feel?  How do you fill full your cup of life and pour it out?


Pisces invites you into a mystery, to feel and look beyond what the surfaces of life show you.  Flow into your deeper intuitive senses, allow what may feel unlikely, or too mysterious to have a few moments with you to see/feel if indeed it isn’t as ‘out-there’ as you might have considered, OR, it is too much and full of false hope and it’s time to let it go.  Follow your own discernment from your heart.    Dream the impossible into being.  Imagine your magic.

The swell of sleep fills me up

as the moon rises, leaving a

tower of glimmering light

across the lake.


I stand outside to receive

I inhale the night sky

deep blue caresses me


The moon beam shimmies

up my body bathes in light

Reminds that I am full


Perfect in my moments

when Light is my lead

and the patterns of nature


Claim me to the Earth

and Sky and I am

the Moon’s dance


Full up with myself

Giving Light across

the heavens and Earth


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mornin’… yawn and sippy that big ol’ cuppa Joe.  first day of Art Fair and the heat may… May ease up for those poor artists.  It’s a New Moon beginning early tomorrow in Cancer,  Here is a link to my favorite Astrology website giving some insight into this New Moon.  I think you can give it a click and get right on over there.



Moon Flower rising…

Dark night standing.

See what you want

from the inside out.

Pushing for release

of old habits that hold

hard to the lay it down

and the let it all go.


The body remembers

when the quake of want

shimmered and took

what it wanted in the

dark night’s hunger

Of the push to feel deep

coming together


It’s a dark night push

A New Moon rising

from the inside out

Give away the old habits

of lost yesterdays and

unknown tomorrows

Lay down with love

and let it all go

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Howdy… pause… returning to coffee pot.  Back now… aaaahhh. you know what I’m doing… pause.. sippy…black gold rolling in.


Alrighty… today the NaPoWriMo prompt is to take a poem already in existence and write it in opposition to what it says.  What?  Yep… I kinda like this prompt and I’m going to take one of my own previously rambled poems and see how I can change it.  eek…   OK… I change my mind, I just took a gander at a few of my poems and it’s seems like too much work to go for one of those.  


So..I’m gonna go for W.B. Yeats… like that will be easier, Right?  I’m not even sure I get this poem.  


tho’ as I have now read it several times, I have to say I believe it is about Jesus being crucified and buried.  I really don’t know I just copied it and pasted it here spontaneously.  Here is his and below will be mine.. 


The Magi  
by W. B. Yeats
Now as at all times I can see in the mind’s eye,

In their stiff, painted clothes, the pale unsatisfied ones

Appear and disappear in the blue depth of the sky

With all their ancient faces like rain-beaten stones,

And all their helms of silver hovering side by side,

And all their eyes still fixed, hoping to find once more,

Being by Calvary’s turbulence unsatisfied,

The uncontrollable mystery on the bestial floor.


The realist… by Jeanne Adwani


I can’t remember the last time I looked beyond myself

Out there to the loosely, devil may care brilliance of them

Fully presence before me radiating nonchalance in the night

I forgot all that youthful glory, shimmering like a full moon

Self centered, fresh faces, know-it-alls, the world their oyster

Seeing it all for the first time, reveling in the wonder

Calvary’s loss, a distance reverberation to their grab of the world

That makes each moment a thrilling mystery of a Universe unfolding


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She was her own cyclone owning the twisted

Spiral of her dance across land that was yet hers

She took it without malice, without right or wrong

She took it cause she was it’s path going that way


It’s hard to know the nature of moments

In their rising out of the cold and hot joining

In the vaporous grey vortex of destruction

In the call to be right there and then taking


Exquisite is the vulnerable matter of form

Ever built to house the matter of us

Evidence of our earthly desire to exist

Each one of us a storm of light waiting to happen


Will you know the spiral of your dance

Waiting on the edge of your land yet taken

Wandering with clues held in your heart

Whirling within the right and wrong


You are the nature of moments

Rising out of the cold and hot

Joined in the vaporous vortex of living

Called to be here right now



back to the sippy of the coffee… Day 23… there are a lot of little vortexes of energy whirling around me.  Some take a piece of me and twist ever so slightly.  Some I just throw myself into and tumble about…Breathe… 

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22 dec 2011   >  2/11/20   >  Priestess/Strength/Lust/Aeon/Judgement


Today is Winter Solstice.  The shortest day, the longest night.  Tomorrow the light returns.  The Sun is called back to light the days.  

How will you light your days and give rest to your nights?

What Wisdom is calling to you for you to listen more deeply?

What does it mean for you to feel the fire in your soul?


One of the things I noticed about the numbers of today.  All 2’s and 1’s., that all add up to 2.  The number of the Priestess, the number of exchange.  When one is no longer enough and needs other to share life with, to counsel with, to find a deeper meaning to knowing relationship with other and self.  Today is an opportunity to trust your intuition, to understand your accountability in the world you share with others, and to know that you are not ever alone.  That you are a Light unto yourself, ever  shining, returning to your Source, be that God, Goddess, Oneness, Source, Spirit, you are of that Infinite Light that calls you forth to be your best self, your highest self, Love Divine. 

That is this Winter Solstice.  The shortest day exchanges it’s self with each one of us.  Inviting you to consider this cycle of darkness to light, to darkness, to light.  And… that they light knows darkness intimately, as does darkness know light.


Winter mystery

Crystalline snowflake falling

Singular Oneness


Pattern gives meaning

Stories in Seasons do tell

Know your Winter tale


You have always known

Forgotten is  illusion

Now is all there is




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HAIKU 19/10/1

6  sept  2011    >  19/10/1    >   Sun/Wheel of fortune/Magician


How much are you willing to shine and be seen for all your wonder?

In the Circle of Life, where do you stand?

What is magical to you and how do you make it happen?


HAIKU   19/10/1


Sun rises late 

days shorten to the season

Autumn’s spicy coat


The wheel keeps turning

life finds her fortune centered

Circle unbroken


Magic never left

Life is a wand in your hand

Spell with love and joy


~~~   : O  ~~~  ; P   ~~~   : O   ~~~


I just wanna say… How grateful I am for those of you that visit here and how incredibly grateful I am for the life that allows me to find words to share every morning.  I don’t even know how that happens.  LOL…

I invite you to take a few moments to feel what makes you grateful for this life you lead, and to honor your journey.  And… please laugh as much as you can.  peace.. 


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5 sept 2011    >  18/9   >    Moon/Hermit


How are you ‘waning’ in your night sky?

How does your ‘light’ lead the way?

What three ‘wisdoms’ do you trust in yourself?

 ~~~^^^~~~   ***   ~~~^^^~~~   ***   ~~~^^^~~~


Finding order out of chaos

soothes the heart’s loss

eases the new way home


Shifting out of the clutter

balances the mind’s storm

gives rest to the weariness


Creating new spaces

gives place for possibility

adventure is awakened


Quieting the body and mind

comforts the souls quest

to hear my own breath


Touching the edges

pushing the edges

keeping the edges soft


The center is where it’s at


My Monologue ….. 

I know you’re gonna wanna know this…>>>I bought a very colourful rug yesterday.  As my friends will surely say,  “oh, that’s a Jeanne rug for sure!”   It gives me pleasure to look at it.  It was in the ‘kids’ bedroom zone at Meijers.   HA hahaha.  I Knoooowww, Right?  You wanted to know… RIGht?


The kitty Bebzz and puppy Dorje are roaming the rooms in the new house; especially, Bebzz.  Every new sound sends him in flight through the house to find out what the hell was that.  Dorje, lives by the window, yearning to give one of the mad squirrels a wild chase.  NOt going to happen.

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