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The sky gets wider as the leaves give their slow twirl to Earth

Hundreds in golds and reds  in release make naked their summer home

Laying the carpet thick with their final breath


Vulnerability spreads it branches to the coming season of bitter cold

Rooted deep, gathering the vital force of earth to harbor the core of life safe

The metaphor trembles in me.

Of being fully frocked in summer green and lush 

All dressed up for the heat and the party in abundance

Then Winter heralds her call in chilled beg of release to lay it all down


Lay it all down vulnerable and naked to the season of freeze and austerity

There is no hiding of the self when the cold bares down hard

The flirt of Summer dress falls away hiding nothing

HIding nothing at all

As you stand stripped to your branches, unguarded, unprotected, 

Exposed in the raw like every other tree in the woods.

Every tree in your woods with arms stretched to the Heavens

Taking the Winter for the renewal of life in Spring


Cause it will come.  It will come and feed your soul of green

Call creativity up from the roots of you as you give again

It is for this you remember as you let the death  of things go

Rooted to the truth of of the everlasting journey of  One with the other

What was never yours has always been yours in the circle of Seasons

In the circle of life, In the unending circle of All that Is.

In the death and life, and Rebirth, In the coming and going and return


Maybe, you are Pine


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Morning and thanks for visiting.  Long sippy of the coffee.  aaaah.  I’m nervous today.  I tell my 5 minute story tonight at the Entre-Slam at Live at the corner of Huron and First.  7pm.   I’m sure it will all be good and my belly is all quaky and jittery.  A new diet plan: stand in front of lots of people and talk jibberish for a few minutes.  YA…


Fear plays out insecurities

Travels to the belly 

Confirms the nerves quest

to badger the emotions

to feeble jitters of falsehoods

Maybe up stories of what 

might be that hasn’t been yet

Lost to the fearful expectation

of being less than in front

Of You.


It’s only a story

It’s only exposure

It’s only being seen 

in the honesty of a moment

for others to have an opinion

a feeling, a chance to 

support you unknown 

and raw just like them


No one wants you to fail

No one wants to see you lose

Not there in front of them

OH NO not there in front of them

where they’d have to witness it

and feel it like it was their own

Diving into their gut fears

exposed by you standing there

nearly naked sharing yourself






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