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The last day of September… didn’t I tell you that there were 37 minutes to the hour?  Why… yes I did.  Time is such an illusion.

The peace of the morning tumbles to the sound of hunters rapid gun fire.  It echos across the lake in a surging wave that screams ‘death to you’.  It disturbs me, and I remember where I am; in small town northern Michigan where hunting is a way of life and some to practice the life of survival by living off the land anyway they can.  And then there are those that do it for sport.  I choose to not even let myself go to ‘that place’.


Still, the beauty of the morning rises with the Sun. The cumulous clouds  lay a mountain of puff on the tree horizon in a slow roll over the lake, making me want to jump high for a float  in the blue sea of sky across the land.


The blast of the bullets fill the air

Carries the ache of death in the wind

There is no match in my consciousness

for the beauty of the morning rising

and the rapid fire of bullet to soft flesh


There is no place in my serenity that

lingers in the snuff of death by hunter

Or can I fill my mind with the leak of blood

that lays it’s drench on the forest floor.

No matter my knowing of creation and death’s circle


There is no hiding from the circle of 3D living

Where Love and fear play out dualities dance

and the beauty of a morning Sun rises to 

Share it’s moments with the bullets of death

On the the green and blue sphere of Earth


Choice is to be made in these moments

as the land births a new day and the gun 

ends the day for a life worth living 

Whether to quiver to the fear of dying 

or welcome the glory of Sun rising


It’s all happenin now.








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THE BORG… resistance

happy birthday Helen.

Morning visitors, friends, n’ family.  Didn’t autumn just give a giant ‘I’m here”?   I could smelling it coming for days and then the Equinox. With the magic wand of seasonal change;  Voila, we have fallen into Fall.

The ‘sippy the coffee’ is especially good this morning.  I need the zing of it’s wake up.  I slept like a baby last night and slept long.  I welcome that kind of non-resistant sleep.  


“Resistance is futile” so say the Borg

Their ‘trans-human morphology

Unified; a collective of humorless

auto-matrons perfectly ordered  

on behalf of the systems heart-less



Give me something to push at.

Of choice that gives question to

authoritarian construct.

Without the conflict of ‘one right way’

In the Oneness of Us


Lay perfect order in joyful patterns 

that find resolution in the stir of honey 

fresh on toast, in the sip of Earl Grey tea.

or the nose to nose of dolphin to human

in a crystal blue sea of Unity


What is resistance if not the call to wonder why

as answers of the Universal enthuse in our

curiosity, as we swim in the soup of Infinity

that holds the known waiting to be understood.

As duality loses it’s hold and the heart center leads.


The Borg knew in their limited strong hold

that in oneness they are strong.  That to resist

has it’s pain.  Only, Only, their story speaks to

an empty heart, joyless, contrived, null n’ void

of love connection.  


I will resist that.  I can not resist living in Joy.




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Good Morning.  If I was so inclined I’d turn on the heat this morning.  WOW.  Sliding into the cool quick.   Feeling the first day of Autumn barreling on in for the big spicy hello.  I like it.


Weather report:  Well rested and sunny on the inside.  Goose bump tickled on the outside with the rising sun.  Smells a bit like moist, dying plants. Here is the weather report for here or where ever you plug your data in… http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=48130


Good News:  http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/    If you go to this link, you will find… YES…GOOD NEWS.  For me…My mOments get better n’ better.  I’m Ready.    What’s your Good NEws?

This is what I wrote one year ago today,  19Sept. 2011


Days of grey and rain

patter calm to my restless spirit

give quiet to the bright light of living


My sun never ceases to rise or set

flickering always at my center

grateful for a cloud, a burst of rain


The weather of me is volatile

hiding my ceaseless shining

shifting to a wet chill grey


The patter rhythm’s moist welcome

summons the quest for silence

gives my sunny days a rest



Today…  Infinity requested  me to remind you….


Ceaseless moments finish each other

Complete as they are in the no-going-back

Restless to repeat what was or give to a

new outcome that now lives in the past


What use is there in the linger back there

already gone and moved to a new beginning?

Opportunity rises in the creative fresh of

a better gift of the receive and give repeated.


The continuum sequences it’s illusiveness

Headed for Infinity by it’s nature in the 1,2,3

You’re already there.  Why not enjoy this

moment that wants nothing from you


And gives you everything that Being Here in

this Now will adjust the gone of yesterday

and allows all tomorrows to unfold with no

expectation except to be Full of self in the receiving.


Let me remind you that you ARE perfect

You ARE enough as you are .

You are part of the ceaseless flow of Infinity

Calling you home to Loves Joy-full fest












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Here it is, almost 10pm and my fingers and mind have not danced across these pages.  I was lost in my day and letting the writing ritual pass, suddenly, I think to myself.  Dang.. I have yet to lay words here.

So.. here I am as 10pm passes into 10:01 and my need to bring together this day in this way calls me.

I watched a recording of Barbara Walter’s “Heaven: Where is it?  How do we get there?”  So many religious/spiritual expressions of Heaven.  It provokes my own feelings and thoughts about it.

I choose Heaven in the likeness

of joy, laughter, Love, Light and goodness

I choose Heaven to be where I am


My heaven is on the inside of me.

I can choose to experience it in any

given moment at any given time


I can shift my thinking, my attitude

to embrace what I imagine is Peaceful

tender, compassionate with a breath


There is not a time I can not be

in Heaven no matter what kind

of Hell struggles for survival


No amount of ravage, despair,

illness, plight, can keep Heaven

from me in my allowing of it


I choose the shake of the dice

Sitting in the turbulence of

life’s stormy upheaval.


And when those dice fall

I know without looking that

I have laid the best of it on the table


My Heaven is merely a thought away

A breath away, my own personal

self proclaimed infinite glory.


Heaven is what I make of my

good living.  Heaven is here

now, Heaven is here.  Heaven is.



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I decided to write later in the day today.   Rather than the get up, feed pets, make coffee, sit n’ write, like I usually do.  I let the day take me along it’s travels.  A little garage saling that had no treasures, (how can that be?)got my hair done.  Whopppeee.  Did some grocery shopping, and soon, I will be getting a massage.  ooooooo… yes.  Some self care this day.

I woke up with the idea of ‘curve’.   And the word ‘curve’ has been swimming around in my brain all day.  I have no idea what to write about it and… I will write right now.


She threw him a curve ball

It through him off balance


He just made the curve going 45

He was damn lucky


She’s all luscious and curvy

A real Hot mama


He knew it would be a high learning curve.

He welcomed the challenge


She knew there was a curve in the road

She sped up to greet it


He curve his mouth in a sardonic grin

It sent a chill up my spine


The curve of the Moon made me want to swing

As high in the starry night sky as I could


The snake curved like an ‘S’ across the sand

Slithering in a race to get to the tall grass


The curvature broke the steady, straight line.

My eye found the architecture disturbing.


Do I curve left or to the right?

Which path will I take?


I’ll curve back around

I don’t want you to miss this


I held the curve,

Around and around on the ice I went


He’s got curves where curves aren’t meant to be.

He’s doin’ his woman thang.


I ate something kinda curvy.

I feel twisted inside


Have you got you’re curve goin’ on?

I curved into the dance like a dervish.

No more curves for me.  I’m straight

Curve this.








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Sippy the coffee.  oh how I love the sippy.  I got a big deep, dark, French roast this morning.  Yum.  Love the smell of the grind and the sound of the crack and crunch on those little beans.  aaaahhh.

Well, the world according to this Geezer feels, looks, smells real darn nice.  No denying the push of autumn and the smell of life shifting on the surface as the push for final harvests calls.  Love the market this time of year.

So, yesterday had all kinds of Peace smells.  I could have and just might later, go on about more smells of Peace.

What about the texture of Gratitude?



The fiber of Gratitude is silk

thread strong, smooth as a baby’s

sweet butt, soft as the melt of butter

on toast.


The texture of Gratitude;

a jagged scar left from the

threat of life saved on the

edge of death call


The grain of Gratitude

humbles itself before the

shifting sea of life’s oceans

seeking a safe place to beach


The weave of Gratitude

tapestries a garment of

great sorrow and great

Joy on your shoulders


The surface of Gratitude

gathers All the great and

small; pushes deep into the heart

loves desire for the highest good


The filament of Gratitude

is seamless and sometimes

unseen.  Ever present to cast

hope out into the world


We are all strands of Gratitude

weaving a pattern of life in

the spaces between the spaces

Remembering what we are grateful for






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ON BEING REALLY FUNNY.. oops, a banana peel

Welcome… 9th of Sept 2012.  Bridget’s Birthday!  Happy Birthday my Dear One, and from the looks of the rising day and the calm of the morning, anything can happen.   Like ‘anything can happen’ at any time.  RIght?   Why do I think that’s funny?  mmmm, yes well, when it’s your blog you get to say and feel what ever.   Oh dear, could this be another idle, disjointed ramble?  Why, Yes it could.  Stick around for a few more words and you decide.


I’d like to grab ahold of the humor train and hobo my way around and across that country of a good ol’ belly laugh and some serious ‘let’s be jolly.’  Morning gathers the more serious side of me.  The day unfolds and giggles rise and fall in the mingle of serious and not so serious.  And ya’ll know I mostly lay my words down in the morning with little prompt but from the, ‘whatever’ slithers and seeps into my mind and flows down to these nibble fingers.


I’m still a little cloistered around what it feels like to have someone I care for unable to speak their truth and dissolve into the wet fabric of life; careless of my feelings, thoughtless of their impact beyond themselves.  I work to not linger here to long and to find my glitter and glow of love and light and peace.  And… forgiveness from the inside out.


ya gotta laugh about that

On Being Really Funny


I was funny last night

between the spicy shrimp,

the cantaloup and the

glitter of jewelry.


I wouldn’t say super funny

or comedically funny,

maybe girly funny in a

silly sly smily sort of way


Really funny is relative

and maybe it’s your relatives

that think you’re funny

and no one else does


Hell, maybe you’re your

biggest fan and the belly

laugh is yours for the taking

without the join in of other


I was funny last night

like I said, somewhere in

the gobble of spicy shrimp

and slobber of juicy melon


Hanging silver jewelry

all over myself hootin n’

hollerin’ with friends.

Being fun. Being Funny


Being myself in the not

so seriousness of having had

a kick in the pants and a thorn

stuck at the edge of my heart


I’ll get to the funny of that

when I’m past the slice of it

cause there’s nothing funnier

than a good ol’ belly laugh


when you slip on a banana

peel of life’s giving and you

you feel foolish for not noticing

where you were laying yourself down


ya gotta get to laughin’ about that













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Today gave way to

idle business perched

on the shoulder of

“really? do I have to.”


There were no new tricks

The ‘same old’ lounged

in my quiver waiting

for the pull off the bow


to hit point center at

the mark of emotional

de-solve at the heart’s target

It was very cryptic


Try as I may for a good

bull’s eye, the trick missed

the mark and I scuffled

around with emotions


Right on my arm

penned in like a tattoo

glad that a soapy shower

would take care of when


I was ready to clean it all up

some time soon .  Yes, some

time very soon.  All this

emotional drama gets dirty

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Good morning.  thanks for your visit.  I’m giving a big yawn right now.  Energetically, I am slow, low, tired; feeling the shift of seasons around and within me.   There is a laze in me I’d like to give in to if it wasn’t that work need’s my attention.  

As always, I enjoy the early morning rise of the day.  Taking in a big inhale and shaking off the residual of sleep caught in dream land.  I welcome the memory of dreams and over the last few years the dreams whisk away quickly before I have a conscious moment to experience them.  I love my dream life and miss remembering them, no matter how disconnected and strange they can be.  and so it goes…  my waking dreams and my meditations still come vivid, so maybe that’s the way my sub-conscious world chooses to unfold me these days.  I’ll take it.

I woke up with ‘feeling’ this morning…


The heart chilled fast

Cool blue veiled between us

Light is like that when

it shifts 


Warm and tender

in it’s golden glimmer

is only one beam of the

rainbow’s giving


Coming from a prism

of white Light of a circle

un-broken caught at 

different angles


It might be where you 

are standing in that moment 

of reception and perception

Seen a certain way


In that light’s refraction

that the namaste’ is eye to eye

and the feel is seen at the heart

a golden glow


And all colors of the rainbow

gather in the Spirit of Love

One as glorious as the other

Calling you to the heart






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morning contact

`~“~`~“~`~“~`~“~`~   MORNING CONTACT ~`~“~`~“~`~“~`~“~`~“~`~“~`~“~`~“~`~“~`~“~`~“~`~“~`NOW

Pinckney sky

morning distractions

cool chill to the air

let the dog walk me


out there is within

abide in the now

connected to Earth


inhale sky blue

through to my feet.

toes in summer green


swept by inner calm

a giggle of  content

gratitude fills me


let the day sway

how she might take me

Light is everywhere












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