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The Dare of The ONE HEART

NaPoWriMo.  14 April 2022.  ‘VI’. Day of the Lovers

The Dare of The ONE HEART.


When the One Heart says Love is everything

In everyone, in the everywhere every moment


When the One Heart speaks of Divine Source

God/Goddess, Mother/Father God, Spirit

Oneness, Light, Infinite Love, The Sacred


When the One Heart holds Love in infinite abundance

You, me, beloveds, the hateful, the cruel, the tender,

the joyful, the rageful, the drunk, the wretched

the righteous, the kind ones, the innocent, the fearful

the ancient wise one, the devil, the magnificent

the derelict, the Earth, the Cosmos, the psychopath


The One Heart is the container of us All in the All

in dissidence, in truth, in folly, in peace and war,

in madness, in loss and destruction, in serendipity,

our first breath to last.


What is it to forgive that which is within you

and not of you?  You are that and none of it.

Can you forgive the unforgiveable?

I dare. you to make witness of that which you

abhor, breaks your heart, seizes the very goodness

from your soul and lays you empty to be filled again.

How will you be filled again?

What tender forgiveness will you give yourself?

Can you turn to Love NO Matter what?

How will you take love’s nourishment?


jeanne adwani. cc


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Day 11. NaPoWriMo. 11 April 2022



What has expired

dreams to be returned

to where renewal takes it to be reborn

End of life takes rest in the eternal fecundity

of creations rich soil made of earth and sky

water and breath

bird and worm

rock and shell

mind and heart

ashes to ashes

love into darkness and lightness


What has expired

decays in the keeping

shadows the belly of truth

Keeps the heart on hold

Clouds the mindscapes

Whispers, please surrender me

Give me back to the elements


What has expired

asks to be let go of

emptied by its uselessness

void of what gave it purpose

tired of clinging to nothing

laid on the altar to be received

waiting to be chosen

waiting to be released

waiting to return to nothingness

to gather again in the everything


Jeanne adwani cc

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She had a hand holding the end of the Milky Way

Truly a star studded spectacular in the all around

A spiral optic display worthy of her celestial skills

Her other hand wide high-fiving the passer by

Nebula, Comets, asteroids, meteors, a flailing starship

Pushing away galactic dissidence further out to infinity

The lost odd soul needing a little extra attention

And a place to find closure with a little wink and nod


Stella had it to give being the kite tall of a galaxy

Swishing in the dark sparkly seeming void of the Infinite

Prepping for a let go and a lift off, hobo jump to the next

Galactic Temple needing her angelic bright light wisdom


The Fling comes fast when it’s time for the let go

Whiplashed sparkle bundle of Stellar lightness of beingness

Whisked out into the Cosmos full of giggles and ancientness

She was all kinds of ‘nesses’ and felt that pride swell

In the deep float further into the vastness calling her


Home again to the next little gravity pull that landed her

Another Milky Way of hard and tender that needed

Her kind of Luminescence.  Her kind of praise the Goddess

And pass the Thank goodness for someone that reminds

Us who we really are in the scheme of the scheme of

who we really are.


She has both hands up and pulls her wings in tight

Not everyone is ready for her kind of magic medicine

It takes love and patience to star seed the Infinite

She is timeless

jeannne adwani cc

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5 April 2022

NaPoWriMo. day 5

The numerology of today is ‘6’.  In Tarot, that is the card of the Lovers.




Extend your heart’s tenderness

Let the wind catch it softly

Dance it with the Sun radiance

Let it be whispered under the celestial


Stary night of how lover’s stroll

Within silence speaking everything

That rises to be known and held

In each joined heartbeat sweetly


Love doesn’t wait as it simply IS

Ever present for the noticing

For the falling into the pulse

Of another heart in perfect resonance


Beat to beat in a symphony that

Calls you to be song,

to be danced

to be written

to be loved


Jeanne Adwani. cc

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NaPoWriMo 2022.  A Pantoum


Do Nothing in the too much

Many choices disable clarity

Stacked on layers of possibilities

The weight of all of it is crushing


Many choices disable clarity

Give pause to the knowing that waits in the shadows

The weight of all of it is crushing

Breath is caught in the in between


Give pause to the knowing that waits in the shadows

Stillness allows the inner light to rise and shine

Breath is caught in the in between

Exhale the burden host of overwhelm


Stillness allows the inner light to rise and shine

Stacked in layers of possibilities

Exhale the burden host of overwhelm

Do nothing in the too much


jeanne adwani cc



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Fast. Slow.

Timeless. Calibrated

Fierce. Tender.

*Love Comes

Seasoned. Temperate

Wide Eyed. Sightless

Lost. Found

Forgotten. Inspired

*Love Comes

Unstoppable in the ever present

Held in the spaces between the spaces

A deep call to the open heart

*Love Comes

Forward. Retreating

Relentless. Cautious

Wanted . Rejected

Yearning. Complete

*Love Comes

Invited. Disregarded

Joyful. Heartbreaking

Vast. On the head of pin

Birthing. Dying

*Love Comes

Unstoppable Ever present

Held in the Infinite.

Part of The All of It

* Love Comes

A Quantum toroidal field

Of energetic brilliance pouring

The frequency of the Universe


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