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23 April 2019


Some poems are a ramble… Like this one. Sat down and this is what I got.


Nature is persistent in the way She gives

There is not a moment when the giving stops

Not a moment when Nature is ceaselessly

recalibrating where she will unleash Her elements

to make beauty or lay mayhem.

If the Sun isn’t shining here, it is somewhere else

If it’s raining here, it isn’t somewhere else

A draught means there is a flood, somewhere else

And endless conspire to do as She pleases.

Displaying Her might and sovereignty

wherever she Will.

There is no fooling Nature, 

There is no controlling Nature.

There often is no rhyme or reason

Nature does not need us to thrive

She privileges us with her allowance

in tolerating our insipid taking

from her with giving little if any


Nature Wins

We are a dis-ease on her

May we learn to ceaselessly

honor her before she does

a back flip and we’re gone

Nature wins

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day 21…



Return to Earth’s wisdom

Listen to the message she calls you to hear

With heart centered silence, wait

The roots of the trees know your every move


Abide gently on this surface

Take no more than what you can return

Be not a cancer that will extinct itself

Let the Spring wash you clean


Give prayer for all this abundance

Fill up on the gratitude of Earth’s offerings

Steward the place that you live and breath on

She evolves as you do


We are all connected

Not one small seed, or grain of sand

Is without the grace and presence

Of being here sharing this space with you


Return to Earth’s wisdom

Breath with the wind

Walk with the roots

Let the rain purify you

Lay in the grass and listen

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It’s official… I have too many things to read from too many people out here in cyberspace.   One thing leads to another and then another and then…. eeek.  The creativity of the global community is amazing and I want to be engaged and inspire by so many of you.    It’s a danger, or rather it’s a joy to find beautiful art expressed in words and visuals,  and then follow one of the links from that person , to more beautiful art expressed and sit in awe there and click and click and click in following their creative friends and their creative friends… Get my drift?  Rather it’s an ocean wave I ride into a sea of wonder and glory expressed by you.

Nature moves me in her roaring seas

and tranquil lakes. Her pine covered

mountains, and moss carpet forests


Nature seasons me up in her ever

changing roars and whispers.

In the light and darkness of her.


My Nature moves me to embrace creation

In All her forms in call from far away

on cyber screen’s slick carpet ride


Where we put our blogs and websites

And wear the nature of us on 15 inch screens

for the Sun to rise and the Moon to give her fullness


In the anywhere anytime of  a tidal wave

or a placid mountain lake, roaring in a nano

Second before my searching eyes.


And there you are in technicolor of moving words

That quiver my heart and fill my eyes

with the nature of you expressed up close n’ personal


Me and you with the seasons changing

In rhymes of our earthy, watery, airy, fiery selves

Laid out in quiet admiration of our beauty or destruction


I would have never met you in any other way

In the story book of our creative lives laid raw here

Vulnerable in ways we never even considered


I swim in the sea of all of you

I breathe your air

I see your light, I read you


Nature has many faces








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Morning people… Us geezer girly-fiends will make our decent down the state with the big wind.  Leaving the bigger wind and the turbulent Lake Michigan to slam at the land.  Not a ‘rock hounds’ day at the beach.

Sandy had her way with the East coast and snow pummels in feet the Appalachians.   West coast has its continued earthquakes and Nature wins.



If you haven’t bared the Nature of you

feel the metaphor roll across your land


From outside in the sea of you churns

in storming tidal waves of  feeling


Pouring down on to the roads and into the subways

Of the deep of you, on the land you claim


Does Nature make for coincidence in her expressions?

Does She swirl like a might galaxy over the waters?


In the ‘As Above So Below’ for us to understand

In the bearing down of her a reminder that she wins


More than often her grace gives to blue and Sun

And full moon nights light the sky in magic glow


There is nothing she is not capable of expressing

In the vastness of creativity made manifest for us to imagine


We are of her nature in  the nature of Her

Elemental beings expressing our vast creativity


We are Sunny days and violent oceans

White deep winters and vacant deserts


We are giggling brooks and bolts of lightening

Surging tides and forest moss resting


We are gentles rains and our earth cracking open

spilling out our hot lava and gentle kissing the shore


We are Nature’s nature….

Think not that you will not win








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