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She said she didn’t believe in anything
Nothing in particular at all
There was no stall to her quick reply
I had my why set up for the asking

Her feathers fluttered out wide
She couldn’t hide her defense
No relent to her denial of belief in anything
Nothing at all did she believe in

She believed in not believing
leaving a carpet of feathers all around her
I was sure it was a moat between us
It was thus that I let the conversation go

The wind came up and scattered her feathers
This weather tickled my nose and she felt vulnerable
We both stood there believing and not believing
Realizing that none of it really mattered anyway

There is everything and nothing to believe
That’s what I believe.

8 jan 2012 > 14/5 > Art/Alchemy/Hierophant

‘5’ wants outta the box, to explore, to research, to challenge the norm, to gather info and give it back. ‘5’ wants to stir the pot of life and mix the impossible with the improbable and see what might happen. Magic, Alchemy, Art, that just might lead you to Understanding your inner Hierophant; you own spiritual mentor.

What improbable mix of things in your life needs a new ingredient?
What do you reach for out of your ‘box’ to find or have a deeper understanding of your journey in life?
Can you name 3 things (maybe 5)that speak to your creative nature?

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23 may 2011 > 14 Art/Alchemy
You are Creations tool, what will you mix today?

Boring Bumble Bees; I don’t mean dull, drab, lifeless little buzzers, nor a fanciful
alliteration: I mean those big butt bumbles that bore into the wood of your house, and make perfect little holes, spreading powdered wood shaving all over the dang deck. Damn it. EEk… who knows how to get rid of them? Help me.

I can’t resist the the alliteration, I want to, really I do, only… I have to give my wordy self to one and it looks like Big Butt Bumbles Bees is a wiener.

Blast those Bumbles and their big butt boring selves.
Buzzin’ and blarin’ all their Bee blabber all over my abode
Bastards, better look out because bodacious Jeannie Beanie
is bettin’ on some boy, being Bee brilliant and brave enough
to better this boring situation.

Okay … enough of that… right?
now for the deeply serious stuff. Right?


Chest open exposed
vulnerability freed
Needy takes its stand


Wooed into believe
Apple stays close to the tree
Undone truth re-seeds


Longing gives desire
A yearn held in history
You are the mirror


Geezergirl is all done in copyright.

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