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Autumn Mabon

23 SEPT 2019

Ode to Autumn


She makes a moist entrance

Still feeling the Summer green of herself

with blooms filling her senses 

And harvest already giving to be received


She is a little care-less, a little nonchalant 

in the how soon of spicing us up in russets 

And golds, in the heart of her fire reds

and the becoming orange of green not

yet ready.


She will become a stellar show of her season 

of radiant bliss in the ever ongoing cycle 

of her presenting vivid aliveness

She returns unattended 

She is a follower after all.


Sister Summer begs her to stay 

in the green and blooms

Asking for her to wait a little

longer in the predictability of her

coming around again dressed to kill


The renegade in her thinks to hold

the season at bay from the request

of her beloved SisterGreen and Light

Letting the heat and rains linger

In the verdancy and lusciousness


And then…the inevitable rises in her

She asks the Sun to take his distance

And the trees to make way for quietude

in their letting go of summer days

She invites in the glory of the harvest 


The sweet crunch of apples.

The rake of Summer’s release

The cool winds rising from the north

And the hungry want of Winter’s breath

Nipping at wings to to fly south


Falling into the  quietude of regeneration 

to rise again in the inevitable cycle of 

Birth, Death, Life in patterns repeat

Calling you to surrender, let go, release

Deepen into the peace of silence



copyright jeanne adwani

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The Age of a Day


Slip into the day awakening

Of morning in her coral yawn

Of Autumn Sun rising

Of sky with dabbled clouds

Afloat in blue.


It started that way in the no breeze of stillness.  A calm of no movement of branch or leaf.

A morning that flirts with blue sky and sunny possibilities. Only to meld the dabbled clouds

In one blank shade of grey that smells of rain that must be given.


And so it gives in sprinkles that spat in a slow giving that made way for the afternoon to chill.

Of falling acorns that riddle the roof with the scamper of squirrels that make ready a season

Tucking into the cozy of hearth to laze the day in comfort.


As slow as it goes the speed of life picks up as age becomes of many decades lived.

Where youth took her time to unfold in the waiting forever for what was next to come

It comes faster now as the ever after calls from Infinity’s landscape


Afloat in blue

of sky with dabbled clouds

Of  Autumn Sun rising

Of morning in her coral yawn

Slips into the day wakening.



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Sippy the coffee, gaze at the autumn changes through my window,

Careful to not let the jitter of negative thinking slither into me, 

Breathe, notice what brings me joy, notice what fills my heart with gratitude.    

Notice my breath.




The leaves change to Sunshine pouring into my eyes like breath

Filling me up to this golden gospel of death that knows it’s resurrection

There is never ‘Will I turn to gold or red and lose what I birthed in Spring?’

I give because I am that that gives


In stillness I breathe


There is wonder for me in the gold and fire of my nature with Nature

Clinging to branch and twig till a wisp of breath severs me and I float 

Laying here on wet Earth looking up at the whisper of all of us waiting to release 

Letting go to find renewal


Barely breathing


I will lay here with all of you on this golden carpet of harvest given

Finished In this season of surrender  in slow breathing for our resurrect

Wearing our winter white in the stark landscape of silence listening

Giving rest to or next becoming


Still breathing









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