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28 july 2012  >  A Fools  kinda day.  



Morning my foolish ones.  And I mean that is the most playful of ways.  And dare I poke a foolish finger at you by gathering you into my cauldron of Fools for this day so we, if you so choose, can allow the magic of innocence to lead us.

What ever does the Geezer mean by that?  WElll… In this world full of rules and boundaries, (it’s good to have them), taking a small risk or two or three away from the standard flow of life can be most magical and rewarding.

Do something you’d normally not do.  See what happens if you….  or maybe you might…..  Or you could always……

Fill in those blanks and make magic happen.  Get out of your head in judgement of whether you should or shouldn’t.  As long you you harm noone and hold goodness and kindness in this sublime act of Foolishness, go ahead and jump.   Jump on into life’s sea of wonder and swim deep.

Oh… and how about those Olympics.  Not a foolish move there I tell ya.  All though some of those magnificent athletes probably started out pretty foolishly in their innocence of what they were getting themselves into they honed their prowess into something that makes our eyes sparkle and we become believers in the wonder of their magic.  I know I do.

So my friends… wether you have an unrequited passion or you are feeling like there is no passion in you at all; take a leap on in to the mystery of your life and see where the ‘fall’ drops you.   Go Ahead… I give you permission to act the Fool and find your magic.


Wrapped in foolishness

Hail magic’s invitation

I leap into life


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