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My ‘Other’ self

Those Scorpio Birthdays… Happy one to Pamela.  May this day be full of magic and joy.

This morning is full of golden leaves hardly making a flutter in the calm and stillness.  Very quiet out there in the chill and the hidden Sun.  I find it restful as I gather myself to go to work for a few hours.  Seems the chatty squirrels are in a hot banter over some fallen acorn, racing through the clutter of falling leaves.  They are a busy busy bunch of rodents. Cute, and noisy.

 Jill, sent out a prompt that invites us to consider our altered ego.  In the ‘normalcy’ of living a ‘day in the life’ of self, what might ‘another self’ being doing?  

 My ‘Other’ self

 The season shifts the meadow into a circle of Fire and Gold

The musk of the forest floor gathers the leafy carpet of oak and maple

Wafting the season’s end into my inhale as I sit centered on Gaia

In the Center, waiting, listening.  Held to the quiet want of heart’s desire


It’s been the same, time and time again, here in the busy silence 

When all seasons give to the forest a chatter of life beginning and ending

Me,here at meadows grassy center calling the heavens to open 

To lay beams of celestial light over my chanting incantations


My chanting incantations,  My chanting incantations.

The song in my heart plays itself in repeat here at my center

in the meadow, in the house, in this chair, here, with you.

Waiting for the beam of celestial light to fill me before I go to work









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