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Make mention of the new normal
Thinking that there ever really has been
A normal

A relativity decided by whomever is talking
from the lens of their perspective
we're all talking

LIfe's axis is making a big shift
A quantum move, a flow with or not
You decide how you will shift

Never think that Mother Earth will Not win
Her lung power far surpasses all of us combined
What's essential will win

There is NO normal in any of our days
We made up what we thought we needed
Illusions made safe our days  

What is the essential left when all is surrendered?
Habitualized rituals laid waste to what was
And our very breath is surrendered

~ copyright. jeanne adwani



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THRESHOLD, answering the Big question



Each step is a new threshold

An invitation, an opportunity

A celebration, a mystic moment

Each step,

Foot in front of foot

Thought followed by another

A sound that welcomes

    the next sound

A feeling that moves to the

    next feeling.


There is a space of in-between

sensorial moments

Where you receive


Where you receive the

Great questions

Where Alchemy mixes

   the improbably with

   the impossible


Not audible, not tactile

Not seen, unnoticed

Right there waiting

A nano second

A revelation,

An  awakening

    of absolute knowing


Beyond all your alert senses

Beyond your greatest understanding

Beyond what you have been told

Beyond what you thought true.


The heart races wildly

The skin tingles and shivers

Vision moves within to the unseen

Energy smells like lightening

Swells to engage the Infinite

And you cross


You have stepped over

    the threshold wide Awake

Wisdom of All times fills you

and You know …

Light and Darkness

Love and Fear

     share each other

Need each other to


One can not be

      without the other.


Every moment

Every moment

Every moment

You stand at a threshold

How will You hold the Paradox?


~copyright  jeanne adwani

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Sometimes I wake up with this line or sentence that one of my many
muses demands I give myself to.  This was sort of like going into a dream
state and channeling the unknown only I know it very well. 
I just re-read it and tweaked the form of it a bit
 I leave the words as they came to me. yikes..

Putting it off forever

It’s right over there
That Thing that needs doing
I want to put it off forever

It’s in reaching distance
the tips of my fingers
trace its slick red surface

It smells of old metal
and days of vulnerability
given again and again

I want to put it off forever
       That Thing
           that needs doing.

Cause doing it puts
an old ache in my body
that leaves the touch 
of unrequited too close
to my surfaces.

It has shattered texture
that rasps at my skin
leaves hope raw and 
unattended to.

There is something in the
pain of it that holds forever
maybe it’s in the overwhelm
of it that sabotages possibilities
forever putting off the inevitable
dance of change.

Paradox is the sentinel to my

That Thing
just over there
in sight
smelling of blood 
ripping my flesh
shedding my hope
clipping my wings

Calls from dead dark
space to do what 
needs doing.

It’s the only way
to the Light.


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