I give myself to the music, I am the music


Ludovico Einaudi, Pianist.


I give myself to the music
The tenderness fills me
rolls in caress over my body
I yearn for the home of it
with windows wide open
and the standing pine caught
to the breeze filling my inhale
Wide is the blue with the fluff
of scattered clouds that look like
starships calling me home

I didn’t want to let it give me tears
With the sprinkle of the spring rain
that can not be held back to nurture
the land finding my flower nearly ready
How many times I have bloomed in
these decades of living from tears laid
to my fertile land or when life opens
and pours down on me with such giving.
Of wishes and wants, desires, and magic
filled and not ever unfull-filling
no matter the harmony the keys tap
to this life giving rhythm

I give myself to the music to be the music
I am the dancing fingers to the ivory,
the taunt sing of the strings
the drummers heart beat
the pelt of rain on the roof
the blow of the horn in the fog
the string of bells caught to wind
the crack and split of the clouds pouring
I am the choir, the orchestra, the soloist
I give myself to the music
I am the music

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The Wholy Grail of Wellness

day 29…NapoWriMo

Wholy Grail.

art by.. Georgina-Gibson

Too quick to critique what didn’t happen

To what found it’s way in words here

Out in the minutes given for possibilities

In being exactly enough in that hard rough

voice that thinks it knows so well


The well that feels the dis-ease of not enough

Not so well in the being of that harsh critic

Oh well is that deep hole in the ground

tossing the bucket down on a thin string

to the water unseen from up here


The splash feels good as it vibrates up

the string in hands that wants to hold the drink

to pour it in the parched mouth filling up

in this desert made of old history and lies

on a string that can hardly hold the weight


In the pull up slowly of that water’s oasis

Cool and pure  for the taking and filling

Such a long time in that arid desert

On a quest for that Wholy Holy Grail

with that thin string that holds the gift

Stronger made of will and an open heart


Surrendering up what didn’t happen to

Embrace what did in the long deep drink

From the search to that Well of Wholeness

When the entire world becomes an oasis

And just now you made that discovery








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I Am Convinced.

day 27… napowrimo



I am convinced we are all like trees and grass
Sky and Sun, Moon and stars, rain and snow
Growing strong and burying our roots deep
Rising to greet the sun in a verdancy of excitement
Dreaming dreams in the vast blue beyond the
Midnight infinite sparkle and super nova
Cycling like the moon in the moody pattern
that keeps calling us to let our seasons winter
And summer, spring and fall, in their rest,
in their exuberance, their spice, their budding.
Do we not know all this birthing, living, and dying?
Re-birthing like the trees and grass, the sky and sun,
The moon and stars, in the rain and snow.
Rotating around in a Milky Way of togetherness
Never ceasing, alway cycling, leaving patterns,
re-creating, re-storing, giving back, taking away
In the ever after, ever more of me and you and us
Doing the same thing, here, there, far away and near
Rooting, budding, greening, living, flowering, dying
In the back to the earth it all goes and we start all
over again, and again, and again
What will convince you that you are One with All this?


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I’m in…

Day 6, napowrimo


Today I’m using a prompt  from my Creativity Coach teacher Jill Badonsky.  We have an on-line writers group.   This is Jill’s website.  It’s very cool.    www.themuseisin.com

The prompt is about repetition using these three/two words and to see where they go.  “I’m in…”

So, here I go..


I’m in like Flynn

I’m in cause I can’t help myself

I’m in cause I can’t help myself and there is nowhere else in the Universe I’d rather be.

I’m in cause I can’t help myself, and there is nowhere else in the Universe I’d rather be than here with this Flynn character that needs me to be here with him.  Tho’ I think Flynn is a girl.

I’m in cause sometimes you get followed or are followed by Flynn types that tickle you at your edges

till the compelling urge to step into Flynnisms is a must

I’m in for the possibility that Flynning around is exactly what is needed

I’m in this just deep enough to have to go in a little deeper to find my way through

I’m in cause I have decided that Flynn is the only way to go to get to the other side

I’m in when out was how I rolled before I met Flynn on the inside of out

I’m in these words for how  the Flynnish repetition of this whole madness has a hold on me and I must repeat till there is no more of it left in me to repeat.

I’m in for the ride and the loop d’loop of giving myself completely over to this Flynnishness that has created an over and under to my day.  I am not yet on my belly.

I’m in without the fear of being out because once in, you’re in like Flynn.

I’m in for the sake of Flynn at this point, not that this is in anyway a needy experience.

I’m in cause, like I said in the very beginning, “I can’t help myself.”

I’ve been Flynned and I accept that that makes me in no matter what.


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A New Year’s Prayer




Make this not the End of a year

Rather invite each new day

A moment to raise up and

Sound out a new beginning.


These are the days and

You are the ONe.

Not a corner of the Universe

Is without a place to celebrate


Cozy your heart around

What gives you joy.

Be renewed in loves call

There are no wasted moments


Light knows her darkness

Kindness waits for you to notice her

Peace is in your breath

Love has never left you


Make this not the End of the Year

Make this the beginning of a moment

And another moment, and another

filled with the gratitude of love’s ease


Make no doubt that you are Loved

There is no ending to the everlasting


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COMPASSION… The Heart’s Compass. a haibun


I went here the other day…


It reminded me of my own journey, of my own feelings about ‘self-compassion’.   I was particularly pulled in by one of the women’s breaking down of the word compassion.  Why I never noticed or bothered to look at it before must of been cause I wasn’t feeling and looking deep enough.  Now I can’t let it alone, if you know what I mean.


Compassion… Here is the Wiki link to all kinds of definition for compassion.


My simple definition is, the care and desire to help those that are having a hard time in life.  To step up, open my heart, and in some way that I can; to give, send energy, give pray, imagine, the highest good for that one in need.


I’ve always seen the word passion, in compassion, it reaches out and calls to me.  It’s one of those words most us hope to have and experience.  Passion.


Now, Compass.  That’s the one I missed.  As obvious as the word Passion, sitting right there in front of me.

Did you see it?


I love compasses.  I have a little collection of vintage compasses.  I have one in my car. I have one on my phone.  I look to the Sun as a compass.  I pretty much know in what direction I’m looking most of the time.  LIke now, facing South, with my back to the cold North.


I have a need/desire to know my direction.  I’m a road-tripper on those ‘blue highways’ of the MidWest, and believe me a compass has come in darn handy on more than one occasion.  It’s kinda like, where the heck am I going, and am I going there in the right direction.


YOu could say, and maybe a few of you will, I have a passion for compasses.  I have a passionate sense for direction.


What rises in me these last few days is the direction, the compass point I give to my passion.  There is not one direction that is likely better than the other, AND… there are situations, circumstances, moments, that listening to my heart’s compass, a point of opening that will lead me to passion’s door, where I can give of my best and highest self.  Notice, feel, make way to the care of myself and those that have lost their passion for more reasons than I can name and imagine, who have lost their way because their compass requires some adjustment, a new calibration that maybe the simple act of knowing they are loved, cared for, and not alone make all directions feel better.


I will always see the word ‘compass’ in compassion.  And it is my prayer that I will stand at the center of my heart’s compass and turn slowly, making sure I have an awareness of all directions. They will lead me home.


North, South, East, West, Here

Heart’s compass gives direction

Passion fashions love






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Now varieties herself in Rainbows and disrupt

A cacophony of moments filtered by rise and fall

She fancy’s herself giving presence to the present

Of what Is in what ever matter matters.

She isn’t sly in that clever sideways way

Playing the fool-you game cause He can

Now is dressed up however you imagine her to be

He’s Halloween personified if that’s how you

breathe her in when you’re lost to yesterday or

tomorrow’s henchmen.

Now has no struggle, no worry living on each breath

Being with how it goes in the Way it is with out agenda

She’s the way to Peace when the sky is falling

She’s the way to and out of what was and is yet to come

Now  belongs to everyone and everything

He’s easy that way and makes no falter in his being

Here for you in the ‘No-matter-what’ cause she IS

Timeless, everything and nothing at all.

Yours for the taking in Her complete giving

With no denial only your fabrication.

NOw is all there is

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