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Devils sleep in your dream bed

They mostly abide in Story’s head

Around and around the tale does go

When they tempt and tease at life’s flow

Avoid the under tow


Waking, you wonder the truth of it all

These dreams of said devils, an angel’s fall

Once pure and white, at heaven’s pearly gate

To Hades tis said you go in flames and wait

You can break that date


Depends where beliefs fill your minds

Depends where fear holds and abides

Depends if these devils have a hold on you

Peel fear away and you get to choose

Don’t be misused


There is no telling you what to believe

When we all want to live, love, and receive

Seven Billion strong on a floating orb

Where power and greed hunger for more

Have love at your core


“Devil be gone” a cry from within

You believe you deserve punishment for sin

Love has not left you, you are Spirit’s child

Awaken to Love you are not exiled

Sit with peace awhile


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I trace her lips with my fingers

The sky of her meets the earth of me

Then the soft drift of her stare

brings on the night


And my earth let the tremble rise up

with the soft conjunction of skin to skin

Of finger tips to wanting lips


A slow, ease of motion in one  heart shaped line

That needs, wants to feel lips to lips


We kiss


The tenderness finds the race of the heart

In slow persistence we find our way

of how the tongue scribes the hunger

and the body yields as one


Desire’s moments pulsing flesh to flesh

Melting the two to one as lips become fingers

That trace the curves and shallows.


Making moist the place of want

How  together sets us free


We  kiss


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Haiku… The Calling… day 7 of NaPoWriMo

Wisconsin sky

Call came from the sky

Was heard in the everywhere

It filled us up blue


No clouds anywhere

Blue is a cool smooth talker

One cloud would have helped


Rain comes tomorrow

Waiting feels like forever

Close eyes keep breathing

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Sir Chaos, Lady NoT Enough and the HokeY PoKey

It's what's ALL about

It’s what’s ALL about

There’s no lose in the let go, if chaos finds another body to live in.

It’s the chaos that tumbles what isn’t anymore into this vat of never full.

When the not enough swills on your lonely blood as an intruder does

from so very long ago that you forever feel tainted no matter how

full of self you seek to find yourself cultivating.

I don’t know about you, when the fight to keep your cup of goodness

as full as possible, and Sir Chaos and his confidante, Lady Not Enough

invite you to drink from their chalice in ‘oh just have a little bit of me”.

And you’re so thirsty for the ‘story’ you got going on about ‘only if’ and

‘maybe if I just…” and “I could have done it like…”  that a little bit

of their something seems welcome as they count on your self betrayal.

Don’t think the 3rd law of thermodynamics isn’t waiting for you

to tumble out of paradise.  Or maybe it’s a tumble back into Paradise.

We’ve had it all wrong from the get go.  It’s a ploy to embrace these

two lovebirds as one of our own.  Get to know them like family members.

Love them in the ‘no matter what’ of their happy battering of our senses.

Smother them with love songs and cuddle and rock them like children.

Shift their points of power from having it over us, to that embrace of

owning the chaos and the not enough as swirling bits of our own

joyful madness, that now we have more than enough of and share equally

in the power where there is no struggle.  Could it be?  Did I write myself

into a warm embrace with what I gave my power away to?  And now

I’m falling in love with Chaos and Lady Not Enough as I give my self

over to them like I gave my body over to every other damn thing that

likened to steal my goodness away as I make my way out of here?

I feel better now sharing the power plays and ill determined self critiques

that seem indigenous to negative thinking.  Loving the unlovable.

It is now clear to me that The Hokey Pokey is what’s it’s all about…

“Put your whole self in.

You put your whole self out

You put your whole self in

And you shake it all about

You do the Hokey Pokey

and you turn yourself around

THAT’s what it’s ALL about.”

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Good morning Li’ Missy.

Halloween Diva1

The curtains are open to that little grey hooded girl, happy again to fill the sky with her dull density.  Even as she skips down the street waving at passer-byes,  her breath giggles a chill with a fog, and her contentment for having her sky hide a sunny disposition is self possessed.  It’s all about her, again.

I’ve decided that I’ll dress up in hot pink today, with a little rhinestone sparkle that catches the dull light just enough to glitter and bling.  Then, I’m going to go out and high step right out in front of her, right under her cast of gloom with my sparkle and glitz, my hot pink self an accessory against her vast sky.  Living art with a colorless background to show myself off in.  Take that Missy.  Your gloom makes me look good.  And when I’m done dancing and strutting the drab streets under your sterile sky, I’m gonna hug the grey gloom right out you.


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My first visit in Cyberspace this morning was to a blog that I enjoy by a young woman named Bella.  http://cupcakesandangels.wordpress.com/   This is actually her brand new blog.  It’s significantly different from her previous blog and still she is a woman that is full of heart and she brings that into her new blog.

What she reminded me of for my first filling up with thoughts and feeling this morning is, keeping an Open Heart.  Not new information, or something I don’t consider daily, more that she is another touch stone for that remembering to move through life with an Open Heart.    As well as to allow in the experience of creating a loving, positive, joyful life in the good ol’ Be Here Now.  Ya’ll know how I love my Be here Now.

Imagine your life an endless wonder of creative force that you allow to move through and with you?  Limited only by our thoughts.  Certainly, physical limitation may curtail some of that physical creative force, and a heart open and mind centered on positive reality, considering always the ‘highest good’, still has the ability to maintain and hold great joy and incredible body/mind/spirit well being.

So, when I write all the things that roll out of me here on these pages, it is my way of remembering who I really am and have always been.  “I am a spiritual being having a human experience.”  And, I get to choose how to have that no matter the physical consequence of my being here.  I choose Love, being challenged every day to see if I really mean it.

Right now IS all there is.    I choose Love over fear.

Choose me...

All thoughts matter in the matter of things; in the manifestation of everything

you see is a thought and your eyes behold it.

Look around at all the creations that someone thought up and now you either use it,

or want it, or feast your eyes on it’s incredibleness.

There is no mystery to the choice of seeing beauty to the choice of holding pain

Choice is endless and abundant.

Even in the choices that struggle for the feel good to wrap yourself around

Another choice opens to a new set of choice and so on

As you find your way to your heart’s opening and strip away the negative container

That you made up in some choice in the long ago to hold you

Scrap that negative thinking and fear of what isn’t and might be in the later on.

Give it up to the wind or, the sea, or to Source, or to the fire to burn it away.

This moment holds your highest and greatest good. Here … NOw.




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Kris has a one liner for me to prompt this 1st of November and her departure to Kansas



Where is that Damn old crow that lead us to the lake?

Cawed us out from under high school’s umbrella of memory

To lay our feet to the beach and surf gathering stoney stories

Pulled deep from the lake’s bottom like the history of us


Hard and polished by decades of feelings washed by life

In the over and over again sheen of living in the tides

To roll up on the beach of our togetherness and plucked up

For our telling of today from way back then.


When youth had us tangled up and giddy

And the shore of us was empty and waiting

for life to deepen and repeat, wash and cleanse

We are blues and agates, and petoskey, and shell on white grit


Called to the beach by that damn trickster’s caw

Picking up where we left ourselves to be found again

Together, to remember our rawness and lust

Now polished soft and smooth to be gather and shared









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There is laze to this day held to the bodies call to release

To lay low in the shelter of quietude and nurturance

Sipping the Ginger and lemon, bathed in honey

To give sweetness to the sniffle and cough


The body asks for care in the busy and the sleepless

To slow and to rest in the patter of this day of soft rain

As leaves give their final cling to the branches

Soon to bare naked the tree to the winter howl


That time is not yet tho’ this time is for resting

Nestle in and let the rain chatter and bite

Snuggled in to the cozy of home and pets

Laze in this day for the body and mind to ease


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After noon brings this day busy at the coffee shop where I sit distracted by the coming and going of people.  Being visual, I’m pulled into pretty much everything.    The pleasures of distractions does not get writing done except in fits and flits.

I was a tattle tail today.  It had to be done and it drives me back to my childhood and the betrayal of it, even tho’ in this situation I’ve tattled on someone I don’t know.  It will be revealed what happens next.


There is conflict in the tattle tail when the tattle needs telling.  Or maybe it’s the telling of the tattle.  Some good words act as contra-band in the deceit of them out of clear context.  Goodness used toward a path to untruth that caresses the ear and ego with ‘it must be good’ cause those words tell me so.  There is no commodity from the bottom to the top when no service or product is held accountable for the exchange in the scheme and scam of that pyramid.  What goes up stays up and does not trickle far down no matter how the telling gets said in the tattle tattle of it.  Wanting a quick dash at the cash from the hopeful gift of other that is a circle that will open and be broken.  You will lose.

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Back from the Dease and the glorious morning sunrises, sunsets, and the beautiful gift of that Full Moon. Big WOW.  I was lazy, ate too much really good food that we made, special brownies, a little sippy of the vino.  RELAXED.  Took a hike in the ConAir trails, did some ‘junkin’.  lazed and geezed some more.  Ate.  yep…  Thanks Bridget n’ Alan for BFship.  I’ll be on your ship forever heading to where ever.




On board the ship of relation

The water can be fine then it isn’t

The sea of life goes from slick glass

to tsunami with little overt warning


There were signs bobbing around on

the surface.  It was the going deeper

that scared you or maybe the surface

safety keep you thinking that treading

water was how it was suppose to be


One day exhaustion settles into you

And you pray for a tidal to pick you up

And take you anywhere but where you are.

Cause that circle of safety isn’t keeping you dry.


Maybe you see a ship that looks better than

The one you’re riding on and you swim for it.

The Sun’s shining and it’s a new day. You’ve been

treading just over board hoping for a circle or a raft

or better yet a ladder to climb back on board with.


Swim baby swim.  Relation-ship is the boat we all float on

The sea is fickle and you can either storm with the weather

or seek out the calm harbor, moor the ship and swim

together to the shore for a steady walk on the beach


The further out you go the more likely the ocean

will wave you around this way and that for fun.

You decide on how much fun or strife you want

It’s your damn ship after all and ya’ll choose

The kind fluidity you desire.


Go deep or stay surface.  I say, “Do both”.







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