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Sippy the brew… let it tumble on through.  Mornin’  Poetry prompt today… write a lullaby.  That means something sweet and tender, all soft and rhythmic.  I was slammin’ yesterday and today I’m gonna follow the prompt and go to my sweet place. I might have to forage around inside my heart for a minute, not to say that sweetness doesn’t rise up in me often, it’s just that I tend to polka dot it with humor and distraction.


Shh my sweet love close your tired eyes

Let me caress you soft beneath the night sky

Feel the silk of the pillow the warmth of my breath

Sink deep into slumber, give yourself rest


Dream the sweet dream of our love tender and true

Dream of our days lost in love me and you

For now my sweet love close your tired eyes

Sink deep into slumber, beneath the night sky


And when you awake with dew on your lips

My darling my sweet I will be here with a kiss

So, shhh my sweet love, my darling, my one

Sink deep into slumber till the rise of the sun







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He buffs and polishes my nails

White mask held tight around his ears

as his vigor sends white powder flying

In a cloud of  dust around our heads

The drone of betrayal and anger

splays itself on to  the wide screen Tv

Held high against the back wall  

The soap opera marches into his fingers

as he sands and buffs my nails


Muffled comments emanate from behind

The swath of white cover over his mouth

I can feel his heat rise on the bed of my nails

“I hate those shows.  I hate how they treat each other.”

I imagine his lips taunts in the hiss of the words

behind that mask that denies toxic inhalation

He exhales the toxic conversation coming

In his ears from the wide screen Tv

He gives the burn of it to my nails


I give and ‘Ouch’ and a twitch

“It’s evil.”  he says  “Family should never

treat each other like that. It’s evil”

His eyes never meet mine in this intimate

Space we share in the buzz and buff

of my nails in the heat of his anger

And the septic conversation rolling

over us from the wide screen TV

I give agreement to his sentiment

It is an Opera that no amount of soap

will ever clean the toxic dump of it

from a man that honors and holds

his family in the tender truth of his love


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The first full day of Spring.. Big yippee.  The Equinox ritual last night was beautiful.  I feel the pulse of it still beating in my body;  the chants, the music, the inspirational words.  I let it  sway through my body, giving myself to the moment.  Breathing in the moment.  The Spring of life.  The planting of metaphorical seeds into my fertile creative being.  Imagining them nestled into my earth, being pulled by the Sun and the seasons to find a place to rise, green, bud, and bloom.   Imagining the Planet and humanity planting the seeds of kindness and compassion that have the opportunity to bloom for all to witness and feel.  What seeds do you plant in the Spring of life?  What would you like to bloom?  How would you like to bloom?




Seed your soul for bloom

Feed your Earth Sun, Moon and rain

Make heart a bouquet 


Make fragrant your day

Be a meadow of sweet grass

Make love to the Earth   


Spring into Life’s Song

Inhale  the green rise to bloom

Live like you mean it


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNN AND HARRY…  Please check out the Tarot blog for your yearly somethin somethin.


Sippy the coffee… Happy Day to everyone else.  You too can visit my Tarot/numerology blog.  I don’t know about ya’ll … this has already been an intense year…The weather outside might be mild and the weather around has a storm warming.  All so very interesting.  Looking for the gift in the upsets and misunderstanding and the… eegads what was that shit?  Right?  Thank the Spirit of Everything Everywhere for shining a light on it.  And thank my beloveds for Loving me and nurturing me.  


The gift is in reach it’s invisible

The eyes that see can’t see it

It’s right there for the touching

Right here for the having

It’s a forgive thing can you believe?


Gifts come from our storms

They come on a chariot of love

They come distorted and painful

Gifts find you when you need them

Hidden in someone’s slander and distain

In the making of love and babies breath


The gift is in the opportunity to forgive

To see your humbled self in the lonely of other

Feel the thunderous rush of words clapping

Your ears shut down to the roar and rage

Wanting a whisper to caress the impale

Clutching your heart in gasps


Can you forgive all that?


The gift is in reach it’s invisible

The eyes that see can’t see it

It’s right there for the touching

Right here for the having

It’s a forgive thing can you believe?



Please visit my Tarot/numerology blog… http://invitationtarot.com.  peace…namaste’



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Pause… getting coffee for the great sippy…aaaah.  Alrighty then, I can now begin my poetry moment.  Maybe, with a little ramble first.  For those of you that visit frequently, I have moved my Daily Tarot and Numerology to another blog.  http://invitationTarot.com   What do you think?  They are different experiences and I have felt a desire to do this for awhile.  It seemed easier to make a separation, tho’ more morning writing for me; the New Blog Geezer Queenie.  oh.. I like that.  GeezerQueen.  mmm. no.. no.. no more blogs just yet, tho I have to say I like this blog experience and do indeed have other ideas.  anyway… 


The ‘anyway’ speaks to all ways

and to no way in particular

One way will lead to somewhere

And another way might be circular


I use the word quite frequently

never gave it too much thought

Now it stirs my mind up

With all the Ways we’ve got


This way, That way, The Right way

My way, your way, some other way

Lots of ways to have and go

Oh and ‘by the way’


I happen to know another way

In case you wanna know

All the ways lead to the One

Whatever way you flow


Don’t get bogged down by what’s ‘the One’

Use your inner guide

You’re the One on the way

The way is impossible to hide


Cause you’re on the Way somewhere. 






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The remember when things use to be…

The talk of ; if only this would be that…

or if that would just do this than…

Or those ‘good ol’ days when we…

Life would be sweet. It would be right

It would abide by a previous goodness

that holds the key to all goodness

If in the ‘if only’ and ‘in the remember when…’


The extended linger in what was 

holds ransom the goodness of what is now

Traps the ‘remember when’ in a useless

serenade of long ago and yesterday

way past the glory of what it was

The quest for the good ol’ days

is that those days are here now.

As good as you make them




25 jan 2012   >  13/4/0    >  Death/Emperor/Fool

 Today’s invitation or your birthday’s invitation is that this will be a day/year to consider Ending and new beginnings; to consider how you will build your ‘castle’, its form and structure, its rules and security.  It will also be a year/day to remember to find the joy and pleasure in foolishness and to let ‘acting the fool’ bring you to a deeper understanding of letting go and letting life fill you in the moment, unburdened by ‘stuff’ and thoughts’ to know pure joy.

What does pure joy mean to you and how do you experience it?

What have you gathered that has become Too much and needs letting go of?

If you could transform one thing, what would it be?



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She found her way back

It wasn’t a lazy country road

She took the Express lane

Full speed in the discovery

That she had made a wrong turn

She wanted back to herself


She’d patterned herself 

To hard buff, muscled up

Tight Jeans and leather

Looking all good and tough

It was a look, a persona 

She gave it to him hiding herself


She lost her way hidden like that

He knew and took her tough

Roughed her up. Pushed at her

Moved her soft center every which way

Further from herself she went

Making babies to ease the lonely


Shame hides in the hidden

Fairy tales live in the Brother’s Grimm

Muscle Beach is a cube on Venice Beach

And who you think you are

Might get patterned to the rhythm of

histories pains, and ‘I’ll show you’.


She found her way back even with

Angry children’s confusion

That stormed the house

Laid her heart to anguish

Ripped at a piece of her soul

She found her way back


Pretending she could be her self again

Till the pretending became the truth.




12 jan 2012   >  18/9   >  Moon/Hermit


January’s number patterns thus far have been pretty cool. Today; 12/1/2012.  If you like patterns, they are everywhere, always with a story to tell.  The Moon has a very definitive patterns; light to dark, dark returns to light, seen, hidden, Full, crescent.

What patterns do you see around you?

What are your personal patterns?

What about the patterns within you that you’d like to change?

What have you patterned you life off of?

Sippy the coffee…


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