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The Scent of You

Day 8 of NaPoWriMo. 




It doesn’t matter where you come from.

It’s that you come and waft over me

A caress across my face I find my breath

A breeze over the back of my neck

A spiral around and in front of me

Filling me up with the scent of you


The unexpected intoxication

I dare not move but to inhale deeply

Closing my eyes as I take you in

Floral musk, an ambrosia of a time ago

Sure it is you cloaked in invisibility

A dimensional rift, a crack opened


For a moments longing in a heady swirl

All to do is to give into the swooning high

Allow it to find the sweet settle of mystery

That reminds me that we are never separate

In these quantum layers of Being

You passing me by in the meadow of your life

Me, sitting here in this chair at the rise of my day


I hope you inhale all me in our passing

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“time is this rubbery thing”

"Time is this rubbery thing" David Eagleman
Take the time to Google this guy, he's quite amazing. I let his quote carry me 
to this moment of poetry. I realize that this may be a draft that I want to
do more with. Ya know, that time thing: The illusion of it, the quantum
physic of it, the bounce and the stretch of it, the confines of it, it's
limitlessness, oh.. how a girl could go on with it. I have enough time to.
Oh, BTW.. in this moment, I think time is all purple and soothing.

Time is this rubbery thing
it holds you in it’s seasons
it holds you in it’s calendar
it holds you to life and death
it hits the road running
It stretches and bounces
you out into the Universe
while all along you were 
right here.. reading this.

When you were young
there was plenty of it
You’re older and there
is never enough of it.

Time is this rubbery thing
it holds you right where it
wants you.
it holds you like a baby then 
throws you out with bath 
it holds you to the clock
ticking away the time of you

When you think there
isn’t enough of it
there is always more

There is as much time as
there ever was.
There is a much time as
you need

Stretching and bouncing
it’s illusive tick tock to
the rhythm of your heart beat
while you sleep, eat, love,
breathe, do your thing,
live your seasons,  make plans,
read the news, laugh, cry,
hunger, fill the bucket list.

Time is this rubbery thing
Be flexible


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