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  You know that kind of thunder that rolls from as far away in one direction as your ear can stretch and you not only hear it’s rumble coming, you feel it start to build in your body fast?  It’s a quickening  tremble, that by the time it reaches your whole body with a crack and boom it’s already moving away with it’s lightening speed off in the other direction.  The rumble lessens, and the body races to release the hold of that thunder as it shivers through all your cells and bones.  It’s a hell of a way to wake up.

  Mostly, I like the storm, the torrent of it that shakes and shift within me.  There is something about Nature’s clap and boom, the jagged slice of light in the sky, and the shedding of all those tears that can have a hold on me emotionally, and physically.  I can give myself to the need of that release and feel when it’s over, the calm and fatigue that is left after emptying my sky and laying my drama on the Earth.  The storm passes and if there is debri left behind, you go pick it up.



18 august 2011   >  21/12/3  >  universe/hangedone/empress


What does the experience of surrender feel like/look like/smell like?

Are ready to look at life from a new perspective?

What kinda fun and pleasure can you give yourself today?

 * * * * *  *  < >  * * *  * * * * * 


thunder my landscape

lay lightening across my sky

tears meant for shedding

         * * *

tremble my body

storm vulnerability

light my path back home

        * * *

open up the clouds

empty my grey sky falling

moisten my greening

         * * *

release in the give

the give is your reception

celebrate your gift




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6 august 2011   >  18/9   >  moon/hermit


What personal wisdom do you desire to draw on today?

What needs to come out of the ‘shadows’ to have some light poured on it?

Will you complete what you started?


Habits… good ones … not so good ones.. and those really ugly, addictive ones.  how about you?  Got any ya hide from your peeps?   Maybe, you keep some in that shadow place of yours that only is rouse by the full moon or better yet, the new moon, all dark and hidden.  Then, there is always Denial.  Blessed denial.  It does have it purpose of protecting you from certain truths that need time to come to your surfaces so you can look them in the eye.  Me… ooooo, I got me some habits.  No denial here, and it’s likely I won’t overtly tell you of them.  Somethings are best kept to yourself.





%K %K% %K% %K% %K% %K% %K%








There isn’t room for the cat or the dog

Not on this lap of busy tap tap tappin’


Rappin’ out some drivel on the keyboard

indenting the couch with my full form


My norm these days is to flop here

let my new appendage settle on my thighs


Besides, I’ve grown into the habit of it

the good, the bad, and ugly of it


Shit, it’s gonna take root in me

parasitic cyberspace plastic meld


Held here in my lap for the taking of me

while I tap tap tap the life of me in words


Assured that the games I play with addiction

after I lay my life down in reams


Dreams of success for my layers of giving

sitting here tap tap tappin on my laptop


Can’t stop the addictive flow just yet

the cat and the dog will have to wait


Fate has nothing to do with this habit

it’s my way of goin’ out and comin’ in


Hidin’ from the barrage of mental chatter 

that needs distraction’s gift in the tappin’


That happens right here, right now

layin’ my life out to you





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6 JULY 2011  >  17/8   >  Star/adjustment/balance


Can you trust your vulnerability?

Can you ‘hold the space’ for bringing heaven here to earth?

Are you willing to be truly seen?



I like it when a new word crosses my path, even if it’s not a word found in the dictionary.  A word gifted from someone with their own definition which I am not completely sure of their meaning.  So I made up my own.

‘Respontaniety’.  I suppose you could hyphenate it.. re-spontaniety.  I think it loses the feel I have for it’s definition with a hyphen. Re-spontaniety… seem more like it means to redo a spontaneous moment.  Like how do you do that?  Would it be spontaneous again?  mmmm  That ain’t right…


‘respontaniety’  means for me:  1: to respond suddenly,  2:   to be spontaneous in ones response to a given moment, question, feeling, sensation.   3:   to respond suddenly when one decides to get around to it.


I fear #3 is the definition reflected by the wordsmith of this word.  The other two work much better for me as I muse around in the pool of possibilities.  As I muse and wonder about this word Respontaniety and consider it’s source.  

If any of you have a definition, I’d love to hear it.  It’s a worthy word and I’m going to use it. 


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Questions that lead to answers 

that lead to questions 

that lead to knowing 

that lead to understanding

that lead to deepening knowledge

that lead to more questions


that let us find our likeness and 

differences in what we gather to our

wisdom about our experiences, 

our fears

our shortcomings

our clever goings

our spontaneity

our slow to share

our quick to give



Rest…. comfort in what is gathered


let it simmer.  let it tickle

let it resist,  let it ponder

let it provoke, let it have wonder

let it know care-fullness

let it wait… 



let the inquiry not be a burden

it is the foreplay of desire’s

want to share the heart

to be seen… to be heard 

to be heard .. to be seen


It is in the giving of answers

that allows response to find

it’s reflection, 

to experience another

to explore possibilities

to reject, to unfold,

to discern.


To find each other.




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4 june 2011 > 14/5 > Art/Alchemy/Heirophant

What does your box feel like and can you step out of it?
What resources do you need to gather for what it is you need to do?
What needs mixing in the pot of your life to make a change?

Good morning. my ‘poem’ is a mix of whatevers, an experiment in free flow that I choose not to edit out in the journey of it.
It comes from my observations that men do not ask many questions when it comes to getting to know women and women ask lots of question in the hope that men will answer,ask back, and a discovery of each other can occur. I have lots to say on this topic and will not bore the crap out of you with it. If ya wanna know; ask me. Ha…


They unravel the mystery of us
I know you better for the asking

They unfold the desire for being known
I can find out what I can trust

They let me be seen beneath my surface
I invite intimacy in

They lead me to discovery
I find the tender, rugged place

It is desire to connect that
brings me to you.
It is want to be known
and to know
Surface banter has it pleasures
for the taking
Silence has it’s beauty in the
deep listening
Touch rides the waves of
desires hunger
Play cheers the humor
of silly to the surface

Questions unravel the mystery
of us.
They query in the banter
They settle into the silences
They touch connections chord
They cheer playfulness into action

Just ask me.


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Words and Silence

Good morning Spring.  So what if you’re a little chilly on my skin, the Sun eases the nip.  I decided to sit here and see what happens when I give myself to this morning moment.  Let words ease out of me with the Sun rising behind the pines, as the thin layer of frost melts away.  Let the silence settles into my body and mind waiting to let the words roll out here with you.

Words are powerful.  What I say, what you say, has impact on someone, something, somewhere. IMO.  I desire to be mindful of my varied rants and idle drivel.  I don’t always feel success-full as I’m a chatty girl (shush about it) and am given to speaking before I consider how I might come across or impact other.    I have a desire to share knowledge and give advise.  It can be a fine line when that is unwelcome to the receiver.  and… maybe my advise is not what you need to hear.  Maybe.. just maybe…very likely… it works better by asking questions that lead you to your own discovery, your own answers that ignite your own wisdom.  For example, rather than tell you my experience of relationships, ask you what yours are and what worked for you in the past.  Get you thinking about that for yourself.    I’m of the mind that self discovery is yours for the asking.  Your truth is what you decided it to be.

I feel it’s also important to speak to my truth and share what I feel about how you/life/the world impact me.   Silence has it’s importance. Silence can leave me void of self care, so full up of what I need to share, I’m sick with holding it in.   I’ll burst if I don’t break the silence.  I’m scared I won’t be loved if I share what’s really going on with me.  Hiding in silence is not like embracing silent moments for the opportunity for prayer, or meditation; some contemplative moment that needs calm and quiet so intention can be heard on deeper levels or with your God, your Source, your Oneness, your heart knowledge.  Contemplative silence is as important as breaking the silence of words that need to be spoken.

What needs saying in your life that is bursting to be said?  How does silence become a sacred experience for you?  Can you believe that you will be loved for all of who you are when speak your truth?


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