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“Flow gracefully on the River of Life.”  What a pretty line and I stole it.  HAaaa.  I’m sure it’s been repeated in other venues and ‘stolen’ in its loveliness from other sources.  Who knows who was first to gather those words and lay them down so eloquently.

Skookumchuck Narrows, British Columbia.


Flow gracefully on the River of Life

Float beneath the Sun and clouds

Laze in the languid rapture of timelessness

Dive deep into the heart of your matters

Ride the waves and tides of life’s give and take


Tread not when the ease of the float gives no resistance

And the get to where you wish to go gathers in rapids

Let the visions of import stream past the have to dos

And the wander of your mind needs no point of view

Be with the sooth of the river in your heart’s harbor


Grace becomes the peace of a wanderer who is not lost

When the river widens and flows out to the great sea

Where no shore is seen in the coral horizon

And the trust of the flow holds it’s own safety

Beneath the vast sky and unseen below


Find grace in Life’s ebb and flow






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10  oct  2011     >   6/15  >  Lovers/Devil


What is the integrity of your love?

When you take the ship of life into deep waters, how do you dive into your relationships?

What if the devil is not the enemy?


Sippy the coffee… My body, more specifically, my left knee, is acting badly.  I’m hoping this is not the new norm.  Please…Send me some healing energy my friends.  I shall not ramble on about all this crap.




Believe is to see

The inner eye knows your truth

Kindness is the lens


Make no enemy

Step away from discontent

Care full is the heart


Lay your laughter loud

Bathe in giggle’s trembling mirth

Open ecstasy 


Invite the seasons

Summer sees her Autumn best

Spring knows her Winter





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1 oct 2011   >  15/6   >  Devil/Lover


What is it that keeps biting you on the ‘but’?  but this. but that, but I…

How do you make love a very splendid thing?

How is your relationship going with yourself?


NOTICE… Some of you are not getting the email subscription correctly.  I know of two of you.  It opens blank    

                   and grey.  I don’t know what that’s about.  If this is happening to you, please go directly to this                    blog and un-subscribe and then subscribe again and see if that fixes it.  I’m checking in with                        WordPress for some answers.   THANKS…


7:05 and it’s very dark out.  oooooo.  that is the one thing about the season change that  kinda sorta gets to me.  With all all all the dang rain I’m now in need of some major Sun Light.  Sun please, show me your face.  Lay that mug on me.  Beam on.


~~~~~    ****    ~~~~~    ****      ~~~~~     ****


I put fresh ears on every morning

wash ‘em up real good, 

give them Q-tip love

set them on my face just right

adjust my volume control

listen around the house

play some music

get those ears all ready

so I can hear  you.


I put in fresh eyes every morning

douse them with cool water

blink rapidly several times

look to the left and then right

do a good ol’ roll around

blink some more

look myself up n’ down

close them to see me inside out

so I can see you


I put on a fresh nose every morning

rinse it with warm salt water

give it some lavender cream

set it on my face where noses go

set my nostrils straight

snip the renegade hairs

wiggle it like a Genie 

cuz I’m a jeannie

so I can smell life right


I put on a fresh smile first thing in the a.m.

Work all those facial muscles

give a big girls yawn

give the teeth a good brushing

gargle some orange Listerine 

roll my tongue around cause it’s fun

sippy the coffee to get my motor going

Ruby red the lips 

so I can beam my pearly whites on you


I put all this on every morning

not to mention garbing myself up cute

so I can listen to you

see you

smell  you

smile all over you

have a sensory experience with you

cause that’s what good relationship

Is ALl about.

now you know.

















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14  sept  2011    >   18/9    >  Moon/hermit


What ‘keeps you up at night’ that you have trouble completing?

What gives you the feeling of enchantment?

How do you shine the light on your shadows?


Yeeeeooown… Feels early.  The dark mornings keep me tired, lazy.  The cat knows what time to mmeeeeow for food and annoy the livin’ bejesus outta me.  So, it is with sleepy eyes that I sit here pondering what bit of life to pour out onto these pages.  Reach for the caffeine, sippy the coffee, yeeeeoooowwn.  My dear friend Kris is on her way here from Kansas to visit and go to our high-school reunion this weekend.  Yep… coupla old broads gonna put on the pretty and show ourselves off to our geezer classmates.  Lots of stories will be told this weekend.


Like who wants this girl?  hahahahaah 



Teenage angst rolls 

across the gym dance floor

Eyes meet yearning, 

blink away shy

Hunger rumbles into want

pushes desire between your legs


New is this cellular hunger

that swoons the enchantment

of hormones flushed to all

your surfaces, 

pounds heat

to your moist parts 


Full with want, heart racing

music pounding in the sex

that rushes up the path 

on the gym floor

 that races up your

quivering legs


You didn’t know 

you had that need

You didn’t know

the all of you that

was desperate for

the press of a dance

from that boy

from that girl

you want

to want you.


The dance begins








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9/11 …. HAIKU

11 Sept 2011   >  15/6  >   Devil/Lovers

 What is the illusion of love?

Can you unchain yourself from the illusion of love?

What is love at it’s purest state of giving and receiving?


Ten years ago the tragedy of  Sept. 11th, filled the world with horror.  It was, for me, beyond comprehension.  There is no where in my heart that I recognize that kind of hate and violence.  Today, I will give myself to the act of seeing in everyone that I meet, pass, think of, the thought and heart that they are my brothers and sisters on a Path of life.  We are a ‘family’ of human-kin.  Even when it’s difficult to imagine that everyone on this planet is connected, we are.  We ALL share the air and the elements that make living here viable.  Goodness and kindness, peace and well-being begins with me.

Can you put aside your crankiness, your discontent, your anger, your politics, your attachment to the ‘right way’, and look to forgiveness and kindness as a way to heal our planet and our relationships????  Will you join me?


~~~~   ^^^   ~~~   ^^^   ~~~   ^^^


All life connects life

breathe the air of your family

Inhale all the love


Forgiveness is choice

laid on the altar of life

love peeks out of dark


Imagine Oneness

you are One of everyOne

Together you Won


Give of yourself love

trick the dark with your lightness

smile at disbelief


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These cooler nights give me great sleep.  Windows wide open.  The sounds of the owls and bugs making their varied songs in the darkness.  It’s  a melody that soothes me.


!!!!    ****m    !!!!    ****m    !!!!    ****m    !!!!    ****m



Stagnation has no where to linger

No moss grows on my rolling stone


Alone is not where I thought to be 

Tho’ change shifts the perspective


Reflective on what moves me to here

With these choices that give change


Rearrange the family home

Keep sacred what holds to eternity


Our fraternity is til’ dust

Kin-Forever is our family name


No blame brought us here

Differences challenge the essential


Potential now has space renewed

Possibilities live in every breath


Death brings renewal’s call

Space is made for new moments


Portent of things to come

Till dust we will find our way.


with love….


23  august 2011   >  17/8   >  Star/balance/justice


Are you too accommodating?

How do you imagine your connection between ‘heaven’ and Earth?

What  do you do to make your world balanced and fair?




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Good morning.  Have a nice day. 

~~~   <>   ~~~   <>   ~~~   <>   ~~~   <>


Naked, she stumbles to save him 

Words unsaid caught in his throat

A story turning to a blue gag

suffocating him for not speaking


He reaches for her,

arms spread wide

eyes a bulging beg, 

silence screams from him 


Slow motion begins his speechless fall 

Her head a ram rod buries into his belly

The vomit of tangled words spread hot

over her vulnerability blistering


Her love frees him

cradles his story of pain

rocks the pleading beg

from silence’s lonely keep


Forgiveness is a sea 

floats the ship of relation

has harbor from love’s storms

Dives deep for a pearl of wisdom


They lay soft in whisper

in a ship with torn sails floating

bruised and blistered rowing

finding their way back home 


<>   ~~~   <>   ~~~   <>   ~~~   <>


9 august 2011   >  21/12/3  >  Universe/hangedone/empress


How can your vulnerability be your power?

Who/what have you left out that needs to be brought in?

What is the difference between what is your weapon, and 

     what is your tool?









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GeGi’s ArK… Is it Raining?

25 may 2011 > 7/16 > Charioteer

What needs your focus?
How do you give your creativity to form?
Are you ready to give yourself to your passion?

The not-a-poem-exactly entry. I’m versatile. Are you the metaphor?

Is it raining? No … really… is it? WAT? Why.. by golly it is!

Pair up the animals, find yourself a mate cause we’re heading out to the sea. It will be a hellava voyage, forced together for extended time, sharing… everything. Could get stinky with all those ‘animals’. And you never know what you might see in the sea. Hope we see the terns circling the sky sooner than later, cause all that bobbin’, waving’, floating for long can make a person all gweezy. I need some land and greenery. So many what-ifs, oh mys, WTFs likely to be on board.

Heaven forbid there be an muteness attitudes, cause fighting for you life under dire circumstances makes for defensive, warring behavior and we all know just how negative all that poo is. Right? And you know we’re gonna get all sick and pukey.
No… not pretty me mates. Not pretty at all….Argh… We’ll get all needy and stuff.

Do you think we can all find a way to get along? Not the ‘git a long lil doggy’ thing, no no, that means you’re hoping to get out of this wet mess, which I can hardly blame you for. We’re in this deep see miasma and how are we gonna make it all good?

How will we not sink this ‘real- asun-ship and all the precious cargo?
Brainstorm my friends; get real creative, focus up now, cause this ship needs your prowess, your expansive mind, your full heart investment: to get to the land, save the what matters, save your life, make the world a better place.

Is that thunder I hear? Why yes it is…

Oh my God, I see land.

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