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DAY 12  National poetry Month.


This day asks to be written in a certain way

Resistance makes a plea of discord

And brain chaos finds its way back on track

if only to give into the ‘certain way’ to be over it

Finish with this day that has only just given rise


It’s memory history that defines the lay of words

How death’s stalk took two lives on the exact day of one year

Between the other, while Spring stretched her waking

and the two of you gave in to sleep eternal


On this day, this very day that calls up an ode

a story, a simple verse that can not be denied

For you are forever in the bones of this body

Forever a picture of yesterdays remembered


And there is a must have of celebration

Acknowledgement of how life comes and gives

and seems to end in that final breath taken

In how very gone you are in this life.


There can be no resistance to that call

Cause it’s a time clock inside that spills

Out the alarm of your passing to be recalled

To sit in the heart’s pulse of the ‘who’ of you


Of love lost and found, of rough edges

slightly smoothed and how a want to make connection

held so many distractions and avoidances.

And still, on this day of remembrance


I let you both in in the way I can hold you

In my heart to give the words to this day

That need saying to honor you

I love you

Till we meet again

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