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Day 7. NaPoWriMo.           7 April 2022




Comfort the worried heart

Ease the busy mind

Sooth the try too hard

Embrace your enoughness


There is no rest to be had

 in this external paradigm


Bare your feet to the damp earth

Take in the fragrance of Spring rain

Feel joy as it is teased by a wisp of wind

Hear the giggle of leaves caught on your breath

Listen to the ancient story held in a stone


There is a call to what needs

you to remember yourself


Lean into your hearts potent desires

Notice what enlivens your senses

Let remembrance sing and dance you

Be the treasure you have been searching for


There you are full of self

I see you


You are the Holy Grail

You are the Wisdom keeper

You are enough in the too much

Worthy beyond measure

Noble you

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Shape shifting into a new day.  I’m in the body of a very middle aged woman who’s eyes are all puffy from allergies.  I need not share with you the rest of what that body is.  Suffice to say, it’s more than operational. (I’m laughing right now)  Really, I am.  Attitude: terrific, glimmering on ridiculously good.  

The weather outside is divine.  Love the cool sunny mornings.  I inhale peace.


Peace smells like family meals

and friends potluck dinners

With laughter in abundance  and

Care-fullness around the celebration.


Peace smells like puppy breath.

A frolic of clumsy fur and paws

playing trampoline on your chest.

Licking and nipping wildly at your ear


Peace smells like a lovers whisper.

Wrapped in sheets tumbled by

hunger’s desire and the calm

of exhaustion laid to moist skin


Peace smells like mossy silence.

A cloudless day of blue through

a path of majestic White Pine.

The soft needles  kiss your face.


Peace smells like glittering Light

A shimmering eminence aglow.

The echo of the heart’s call to Joy

that rises beyond yesterday’s lament


Peace smells like a Full Moon night

Where darkness is filled with Light

And the communion is sacred to 

the sharing in the rise and set


Peace is found everywhere when

it’s allowed in.

Peace is in everything when

when you believe it

Peace IS when you want it





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13  oct  2011    >    9/18    >    Hermit/Moon

 How do you stay connected to your inner light?

Do you give yourself enough quiet, alone time?

What do you see that needs to be integrated into your life?


There is a little book called ‘The Four Agreements’ , by Don Miguel Ruiz.  It is one of those books that I feel we all would benefit from reading.  These are the Four agreements. 

“Be Impeccable with your word   *** Don’t take anything personally *** Don’t make assumptions,  *** Always do your best.” 

These agreements followed me into my waking this morning, or more specifically, the first one.  “ Be impeccable with your word.”  Miguel says,  “Speak with integrity.  Say only what you mean.  Avoid words that speak against yourself, or to gossip about others.  Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.”  

Simply put and powerfully said.  I dedicate this day to this first agreement.


~~~~~     *****     ~~~~~     *****     ~~~~~


Words flow and haunt all my spaces

In places that need silent reflection


Breath is sought to sooth the busy mind

find the smooth taste of kind words self spoken


Feed the love of truth with mind-full integrity

Reality has many paths of misplaced direction


At the fork in the road a choice is made

laid to consequence’s unknown inflection


A story told by what you see and feel

what’s real is not held in your observation


The self can be bitter against the self’s relent

Silent chaos critiques at the portal of rejection


Light dims to the loss of love and truth

Proof that your fire craves love’s illumination


Shine on with words that give your story kindness

the effortless flow to give is to find reception






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20  sept  2011   >  15/6  >  Devil/Lovers


Can you take a look around you today and see that you are related to everything you see?

If something is ‘missing’ in your relationship/s where is it missing in you?

Have you been attentive to those you love?

~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~   ~~~


There is no keeping love away

it will find you moment to moment

it hungers for your reception

it desires  your giving

It is a relentless force ever present 

Love waits for you


There is no where that love isn’t

it doesn’t come by invitation only

it isn’t for only the young

it doesn’t decide the worth of you

it calls your heart to be open

Love waits for you


There is love everywhere all the time

It doesn’t know how to pass you by

or ignore you, or punish you.

it simply is an absolute Truth

of pure radiance and joy

waiting for you to embrace it.


Love waits for you..



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12  sept.  2011    >  16/7  >   Tower/Chariot

 What keeps you grounded and secure in the world?

What needs to be gathered and synthesized for your next plan?

How do you stay focused on what really ‘matters’?  What really ‘matters’?


I will miss the long days.  That is one of my favorite offerings of summer.  It’s easy to linger in the light and be active long into the night.  And… I love this time of year, and harvest.  The air shifts and cools.  It brings the smells of the slow decay  of summer’s bounty.  Colours turn, leafs drop, people gather at the farmer’s market that is now abundant with end of summer harvest.  

My body hears the call of change and I listen.  Autumn will always be my favorite season followed by Spring. I love how I feel with the transitions.  There is this buzz in my cells; an excitement that I find creatively inspiring.  Nature is a wonder in her cyclic journey that she gives to us every year with out fail.  She may not give it to us the way we always want, and she will give and give and give of herself as the planet, the solar system, the massive galaxy that we are but a speck within so deems the giving.

Earth is part of a greater body of galactic spheres and energy that has some say in how the ‘nature’ of things will unfold for us.  We are not simply a pretty planet floating disconnected out here in the Infinity of it All.  Earth needs her solar system, her massive spiral of galactic life to survive, just as we need our organs and cells that spiral and shift within us to survive.  The well being of our little galactic bodies is probably not so much different than that of our solar system.  Another system operating within another system…


“As above, so below.”


Spirals of life interconnected

Galactic orbital spheres aligned

Harmonious rotating for terrestrial life

An atmosphere of gracious blues

As seasonal compliance weaves

Life as you know it.


YOur Sun is the heart of your matter

Your life pumps through it constant

Feeding the galaxy of you rotating

You are an atmosphere of gracious life

Of seasons changing, weaving.


“As above so below” calls you to this knowing

Beckons you to feel the heart of this connection

Without this unity there is no survival.

You are a pattern of life cycling with it ALL

Death gives you back to Infinity’s arms.


No darkness can be seen without her Light

Separation is futile.  Togetherness is destiny

How do you orbit around your heart?




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5 sept 2011    >  18/9   >    Moon/Hermit


How are you ‘waning’ in your night sky?

How does your ‘light’ lead the way?

What three ‘wisdoms’ do you trust in yourself?

 ~~~^^^~~~   ***   ~~~^^^~~~   ***   ~~~^^^~~~


Finding order out of chaos

soothes the heart’s loss

eases the new way home


Shifting out of the clutter

balances the mind’s storm

gives rest to the weariness


Creating new spaces

gives place for possibility

adventure is awakened


Quieting the body and mind

comforts the souls quest

to hear my own breath


Touching the edges

pushing the edges

keeping the edges soft


The center is where it’s at


My Monologue ….. 

I know you’re gonna wanna know this…>>>I bought a very colourful rug yesterday.  As my friends will surely say,  “oh, that’s a Jeanne rug for sure!”   It gives me pleasure to look at it.  It was in the ‘kids’ bedroom zone at Meijers.   HA hahaha.  I Knoooowww, Right?  You wanted to know… RIGht?


The kitty Bebzz and puppy Dorje are roaming the rooms in the new house; especially, Bebzz.  Every new sound sends him in flight through the house to find out what the hell was that.  Dorje, lives by the window, yearning to give one of the mad squirrels a wild chase.  NOt going to happen.

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25 august  2011   >  19/10/1   >   Sun/Wheel of fortune/ magician

 How bright are you willing to shine?

Where on the ‘wheel of life’ do you stand?

How can you make magic happen?


This is MY day…19*!0*1…I’m just gonna let it shine, stand it the center of myself… ANd put all my magical tools in action.  Yep.. that’s what I’m a gonna do.  How bout chu?


Magic is in the breath

the light, the sound, the taste,

the land of living.


Magic is everywhere…


it is the kiss of mother’s love

on the booboo of collision

it is a singular snow flake

held in brief to the sun


Magic is in everything…


It is in a whisper of love

it is fear unleashed

it is breathless beauty

it can taste of skunk and dirt


Magic is everywhere…


it is in the miracle of your birth

it is your last breath to everlasting

It dances on the tips of grace

smolders in the fire of disillusion


Magic is in everything..


It is what you imagine it to be

It is what you dream it into being

It will happen without you

It will happen cause it can


Magic is…


in your breath, your light, 

your sound, your taste

It is in your land of living

Make sacred your magic wand












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Words and Silence

Good morning Spring.  So what if you’re a little chilly on my skin, the Sun eases the nip.  I decided to sit here and see what happens when I give myself to this morning moment.  Let words ease out of me with the Sun rising behind the pines, as the thin layer of frost melts away.  Let the silence settles into my body and mind waiting to let the words roll out here with you.

Words are powerful.  What I say, what you say, has impact on someone, something, somewhere. IMO.  I desire to be mindful of my varied rants and idle drivel.  I don’t always feel success-full as I’m a chatty girl (shush about it) and am given to speaking before I consider how I might come across or impact other.    I have a desire to share knowledge and give advise.  It can be a fine line when that is unwelcome to the receiver.  and… maybe my advise is not what you need to hear.  Maybe.. just maybe…very likely… it works better by asking questions that lead you to your own discovery, your own answers that ignite your own wisdom.  For example, rather than tell you my experience of relationships, ask you what yours are and what worked for you in the past.  Get you thinking about that for yourself.    I’m of the mind that self discovery is yours for the asking.  Your truth is what you decided it to be.

I feel it’s also important to speak to my truth and share what I feel about how you/life/the world impact me.   Silence has it’s importance. Silence can leave me void of self care, so full up of what I need to share, I’m sick with holding it in.   I’ll burst if I don’t break the silence.  I’m scared I won’t be loved if I share what’s really going on with me.  Hiding in silence is not like embracing silent moments for the opportunity for prayer, or meditation; some contemplative moment that needs calm and quiet so intention can be heard on deeper levels or with your God, your Source, your Oneness, your heart knowledge.  Contemplative silence is as important as breaking the silence of words that need to be spoken.

What needs saying in your life that is bursting to be said?  How does silence become a sacred experience for you?  Can you believe that you will be loved for all of who you are when speak your truth?


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