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The Willow, The Rapids




This poem, which I am about to ‘makeup’ in this moment, is from the prompt given on the NaPoWriMo.net page.

I read a beautiful poem there by Claire Wahmanholm, The Meadow, The River, that inspired this moment of flow.

Let me see what’s going to pour out …

~~~  The Willow, The Rapids ~~~~~

My eyes followed the half of her

that went into the river

Her other half fluttered in the wind

Caught in the droop of willow branches

Holding her in a delicate balance


I tried to catch one of her eyes

The one in the tree held to silence

Closed and serene

The one in the rapids

Wild like the water consuming her


Should I save her from drowning?

In the wildness of herself?

Should I save her from the whip of the winds

In the fresh calm of herself?

I laid myself perfectly at the tip of that pinpoint


I felt into the drown of my wild concerns

Breathing into the serenity of the winds caress

Feeling into the desire of both of those halves

in the surrender of perceive wholeness

Making a break from each other


There was a losing to find

There was a split of understand

The hologram of wholeness was breathing water

And each breath took in the rapids.

Swimming in the wind has its answers




~~ cc jeanne adwani

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Skookumchuck Narrows before the tide came in on a full moon night


SKOOKUMCHUCK NARROWS, BC.   2005  The tide came in.


I take the Narrow’s tempestuousness slit

My boat lost to a long ago of well being

The full moon calls the Sea to give rise to the tide

She pulls its out to bring it in

What comes  in greets what is going out

a violent swirl, a vortex of pull and funneled force

A ride like wild mustangs in a fevered run

Holding on as if life means everything

And everything means nothing

but to ride out the tide


I take the Narrows on this full moon night

For want to imagine this journey of all journeys

Will gather  me in under the luminous night orb

Drown me to make me wholy and awakened

to rise out of the depths of my ending

Washed clean. left naked, pulling in air

before my lungs explode in defeat

Dreaming of the gills that let me swim

before this time of living knew that limitation.


I took the Narrows to an ending

Finding the breath of a new beginning

Waiting for the next unfolding.


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“Flow gracefully on the River of Life.”  What a pretty line and I stole it.  HAaaa.  I’m sure it’s been repeated in other venues and ‘stolen’ in its loveliness from other sources.  Who knows who was first to gather those words and lay them down so eloquently.

Skookumchuck Narrows, British Columbia.


Flow gracefully on the River of Life

Float beneath the Sun and clouds

Laze in the languid rapture of timelessness

Dive deep into the heart of your matters

Ride the waves and tides of life’s give and take


Tread not when the ease of the float gives no resistance

And the get to where you wish to go gathers in rapids

Let the visions of import stream past the have to dos

And the wander of your mind needs no point of view

Be with the sooth of the river in your heart’s harbor


Grace becomes the peace of a wanderer who is not lost

When the river widens and flows out to the great sea

Where no shore is seen in the coral horizon

And the trust of the flow holds it’s own safety

Beneath the vast sky and unseen below


Find grace in Life’s ebb and flow






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