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Hail all you beautiful people. This morning I thought I’d check on what I wrote last year on this day.  After it, is today’s little ditty. This is it… 23 Oct 2011… I think I’m better earlier in the day With words that jump up and play Awake too long my mind it tumbles gets busy with life’s daily jumble   So here I sit at three p.m Hoping for a poetic gem To lay upon this blogging table Dig into some clever fable   As you see this is it Gathering some words to fit Into this day that is sublime Doesn’t matter I’m not on time   Whatever the ‘right time might be The time is right now for me It’s kinda fun to make things rhyme Turn a word on a thin dime   It’s not about this being my best There is no best on request Being here in the now This is what I got.. OH Wow. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TODAY… TADDAH   I’m not sure I have a rhyme in mind As I sit here with hope sublime This wordy thing I like to do Hard to know what will come down the chute   I am reminded the fun of rhyme When first my poems rhymed all the time There’s something clever in these silly fits Of rhymes that find a way to sit   On these pages that I sage my verse With no rehearse that is none the worst Than endless hours of words made right The suffering writer in the late of night   No no not this poet girl in a wordy swirl Sitting here making words dance and twirl Have fun that’s done real soon I channel a loon that calls from the moon   The problem is once I’m on this rhyme It is hard to stop the word roll and get to work on time All day long I’ll hear this beat twirling people in their seat Rhyming clever in my meet and greet   Gotta go.  See ya later Bye bye now must stop this patter

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I went to a poetry reading last night at SweetWater Cafe in Ann Arbor.  Open mic… I read two poems.  Wahoo. And enjoyed the poetry of 10 others.. And the guest poet is an incredibly gifted wordsmith named, Jamaal May.  Google him… I felt inspired and excited to be in the presence of his being and his words.   He can do the ‘slam’ thing like nobodies business.  yeowza.  I might.. and I repeat… I might give the memorizing thing a try cause performing poetry gives it so much juice and thrill.  Even a Geezer Girl might beable to pull it off.



 I wanna slam it.  I wanna slam it like

a door needs closing on the ass of a

lover gone rogue, or the stench of septic

yesterdays, or slam it on the goodbyes

that need sayin’ again in the one more

time I mean it sorta way.

 or maybe

slam the book on it to give dramatic

emphasis.  Slam bam thank you mame

Thank you for letting me vent on that door

That barrier, that separator between spaces

So I can call back my privacy for a time

Or maybe

Sometime in the quiet way like the tender

close of a door to not wake the baby or the

whisper soft kiss of good morning

needs a quiet exit cause love needs more

dream time.  Dream time to savor all 

that sweetness behind the bedroom door


I wanna slam it like words that need sayin’

Out-loud and proud to be said.  No barriers

in the way or doors to get closed hard and fast

to keep life away when life needs to be said

Live it loud and soft in the however the slams

gets delivered to you unexpectedly

and maybe

Once in awhile cause the need is great

I’ll slam the door on you cause I’m lost 

for words and need some time to gather myself

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