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Devils sleep in your dream bed

They mostly abide in Story’s head

Around and around the tale does go

When they tempt and tease at life’s flow

Avoid the under tow


Waking, you wonder the truth of it all

These dreams of said devils, an angel’s fall

Once pure and white, at heaven’s pearly gate

To Hades tis said you go in flames and wait

You can break that date


Depends where beliefs fill your minds

Depends where fear holds and abides

Depends if these devils have a hold on you

Peel fear away and you get to choose

Don’t be misused


There is no telling you what to believe

When we all want to live, love, and receive

Seven Billion strong on a floating orb

Where power and greed hunger for more

Have love at your core


“Devil be gone” a cry from within

You believe you deserve punishment for sin

Love has not left you, you are Spirit’s child

Awaken to Love you are not exiled

Sit with peace awhile


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I was asked by one of my online teachers, Christine, from Abbey of the Arts, to consider a word to dedicate to this year.  A word that might embrace a feeling I have, or need to deepen in.  A word that might challenge me, or call me out to me to pay attention to.  A word that gives play and intention to my daily practice of breathing and Being Here Now.

For me, it was about what calls to me, to ‘own’ in my daily journey, to remind me of what will bring me ‘home’.  Tho’ I do believe I am already ‘home’ at the deepest heart of myself, I don’t always have a sense of that in the busy of the world around and within me.  Living is such a distraction and all of you are so interesting.

I chose the word,  ‘Stillness’.  Maybe it chose me.  What I can tell you about the feeling that rises for me when I think of stillness, is how hard it feels to embrace it.  I have lots of wonderful idea about what ‘stillness’ is and how important it feels to be in my life.   I can think myself in and out of stillness very adeptly.

Winter stillness goes like this….  It looks like an entire forest ladened with snowy branches and hardly a track on the snow covered carpet.   It tastes like a lick laid down on the heavy snow that bears down a pine branch.   It feels like me laying down on that carpet of a gagillion snowflakes and making an angel in slow motion.  All of it rests in my thinking about it, imagining what that quiet ‘stillness’ might be.

Can I be still, undisturbed, calm, tranquil?  Good Lord, why did I pick ‘stillness’?  Choice can be changed.  I tried, sort of.     Some stubborn, tenacious part of me refused to make another choice.  Stick with that word, ‘stillness’, see where it lead you. See what comes up for 365 days of absorbing what it is or isn’t.  Maybe, find the stillness that connects me deeper to my spiritual journey.  Ok Ok… Alright already.  Stillness it is.

snow angel


Stillness calls for my stewardship

Tells of times once remembered

In the ever beat of my heart’s desire

Longing to live in peaceful countenance

Listening deep beyond the idle chatter

Nearing my quest for home remembering

Ever present when I give myself to quietude

Simple in the ever presence of breathing

Stillness gives it watch over me


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The meadow is snow laden

a circle that glistens in the noon sun

sparks of light dance on my eyes

A fireworks of white meadow

hidden deep in the forest’s silhouette  


Seasons call me to this place

where silence is never silent

and peace is ever present

Sun finds a place to rest here

with no interruption 


The circle is smooth white

The austerity is clean and bright

Doe eyes turn their heads in unison

I am seen in the quietude

before tracks have laid a path


I want to be first, first to lay

my angel form in the white sparkle

There is no race and race I do

to the center, to the center standing

alone with the forest and the deer


I raise my hands to the heavens in salutation

a soft spray of glisten swirls up my legs

The rush of winter chill caresses my face

I lay my body down in the cold white flock

I see my breath a cloud of whisper


My wings  pull up from my sides 

My legs spread wide in similar motion

Again and again I press my form

Lay my angel self to this white meadow

Imagine the heavens split wide in sacred song


I let the full cold of winter fill me

The whisper cloud of breath surround me

I am celestial, a being of heaven on earth

A meadow to the busy of the world around me

A quiet bed of snow to lay my angel down.


28 DEC 2011   >   8/17   >  Adjustment/balance/The Star


How will you imagine heaven on earth?

What is it to feel balance and centeredness?

How will you shine in the night sky?









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