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HiDeeHO…  sippy da coffee.  mmm. Sumatra.  Up waaay too early.  Big yawns and gulps of coffee, as opposed to the ‘sippy the coffee.  I guess I sorta lied.  ooops.  Only sippy when it’s really hot.  OK then, moving on here.

It’s hard to Not notice the weather every morning sitting here.  Thus… the Jeanne early a.m weather report.  It seems, for me, that no matter the weather, there is always a certain calm in the morning even if the weather is acting up.  The energy of life is still sleepy, except for the welcome chatter of birds.  And, I’m not fully awake myself which adds to the slow flow of awakening.

There is more news in the world than is possible to gather in, then process, and when I take a flip through the news before I sit here to write, which I did this morning, I get the busy mind filling up on all the messiness and feel overwhelmed by 7am.  The early morning calm, and slow even breathes of waking, dissolve quickly.  I seek to pull back to my center and let go of the mind pollution of the news and all the crap I have no control over that riles me all up and down. Ya Know?  Anyone else do that?




I choose crop circles everywhere

fairy circles in Africa

July Solar flares en-mass

No pollution to the night sky

from the city lights


And I’m all about The Light


I hold the God Particle inside

where it’s alway been in reside

Science has no handle on that one

like it’s some great discovery

when you wake up


I’m brewing in the LIght of it


I choose UFO’s making a visit

They’ve always been haloing around

Earth changes that create evolvement

Taking us along for the great ride

Get ready cause it’s all here


Trip the Light fantastic


Here some good news for ya

Life is as good as you make it

You can solar flare up too

You can circle a fairy if you believe

You can know God as you imagine her

You can choose how to discover your feelings

You can welcome your inner alien

YOu can be the change you make happen

YOu can shine as bright as you will


Discover, uncover your Light

















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The Sun flares and changes the weather

Your Soul flares and changes your weather

The weather changes and then changes again

Inside and out the calm or storm finds you.

Ready or not it will come


There is no maybe that you have your cycles

There is no maybe that the EArth has her cycles

There is no maybe that our Galaxy has it’s cycles

Life cycles, it patterns, it shifts and flares

As above so below.


There is no maybe that the Planets orbit together 

There is no maybe they make-up a system 

That flows, united in orbital agreement

Depending on each other for heart and lung

Brain, and belly.


There is no maybe that to disrupt a system

That that system will not respond on behalf

Of the betterment of the whole system.

What ails will be attended to with a shift

Seashells are found on mountain tops



24 jan 2012    > 12/21/3/    >    HangedOne/Universe/Empress


If it is your birthday, (Happy Birthday Christy) than you begin your new year with the ‘3’.  This is the number for your whole year.  You leave  some of the realm of the ‘2’, a year the might have brought you closer to understanding your own intuition and counsel as well as that of others.  Maybe it was year/day of going deeper into your faith, your knowing of what lays beyond what you had once perceived and now you have a better understanding.  The Empress is an Earth Goddess that ‘births’ the wonder of new life in to being.  

You ease from what you learned from the ‘2’ into the a time now for letting your creativity flow.  A time to notice, observe, and then take action.  And… this is a time to have some fun as you notice the workings and elements of the world around you and grab a hold of some of that and see what happens.  You get to look at the world/Universe from a new creative perspective.  Bright blessings to you.


What in your life needs you to reevaluate and take a new perspective?

What did yesterday inform you about the flow of today?

What opportunity do you stand at the threshold of that invites you to step on in?




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