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winter white


There is peace in snow.  All white and soft, delicate to the tongue.  There’s quiet to snow.  Sometimes I hear a deep silence that gives my breath a pause as I take it in with a slow inhale, feeling the chill grab at my nose as it fills me up.

The Earth calls it down in sparkle and intricate design to shelter the green for Spring.  Deepening the silence and inner time needed to rest, and hold still to the far reach of roots in the harbor of energy held to the core.

I imagine the winter of me held to my core’s fire. The red flow of blood pumping through all of me. That warm flame within nestled deep, holding energy in the quietude of my dreams and awaking.

Holding the awareness of vulnerability that is exposed in just Being naked and vulnerable to the elements as I let steep the fire of creation within me.  Waiting.

It is the snow that shelters the vulnerable.  All the white cold layers of protection in an illusion of austerity. For that is what the eyes perceive when life slows down to what seems a trickle and the fire within gives to a season of rest.

Snow gives completion to my season of quiet and peace.  Wrapped in layers that guard me from over exposure.  That remind me of the need to go within and find my solitude quietly brewing at my core of creative force.

I smell it coming.  I feel my body ready for winter white.


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oh ya… hot time summer in the city.  Nature wins.  She brings on the heat and you gotta sweat yourself with it.  I’m wanting a little lake side experience.  Only… that’s not happening any time soon. ah well. 

Embrace the experience.  

Today, I have gather some Haiku from my Tarot blog.. http://invitationtarot.com

The first one I wrote this morning, the others are from weeks ago.  What they have in common on this first full day of summer is that they relate to Alchemy/Art.  The mixing of the impossible with the unlikely and finding something amazing and magical… or not.. so you can try again.

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Get out of the box

Find difference in common

Seek yourself in All


Be aware of boxed up

Untie the ribbon that binds you

Pop out of the cube


Take your magic wand

Nothing is impossible

The Universe waits


Clever chemist stirs

Impossible mixture

Magic everywhere


Unlikely mixture

Bubbles and seethes in cauldron

No more hate and war


Magical recipe

Prisms possibilities

Infinite limits


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I’m a slacker with the weather report.  I can tell you, that it is grey out there trying to unwrap the sun in that  Michigan kinda way and I’m Not grey inside.  How ‘bout you?

Oh.. and it is almost Solstice.  So close to the darkest day that turns it head to the Light for its return.  That makes me happy.  How will you celebrate the return of The Light?


Tis’ the Season

Call all your friends

Invite the whole family

Imagine the whole planet

without need, or want

without pain and suffering

without fear and grief

Imagine it so, 

Imagine it first in you


Turn the Lights on 

So we can feel you


Lay the table with heart

Make Love your centerpiece

Spike the wine with hope

Raise your cup to kindness

Celebrate forgiveness

Pass around the Peace 

of all you wish to be

See the Divine in each other


Turn the Lights on 

So we can feel you 


Make room at the table

For those that fear and want

For those that harbor hate

For those that forgiveness needs

For those that have lost their way

Share your Light, the food of your soul

Make room for the whole family

Life is a round table of connection


Be sure to turn the Lights

Tis’ the Season.

~~~~~~      666666      ~~~~~~



19 dec 2011   > 6/15  >  Lovers/Devil


How wide is your heart open for love?

What space to give for love to find you and expand with you?

What gets in your way of living and loving fully?








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Solstice > 1:16EST

How will you celebrate your light?


Light finds me in my shadow’s discomfort
Covered, hidden, breaking the
forbidden avoidance of endings

Bending reality’s grip on the short night
All comfortable in the dark of it, the
fathomable lie of it shows my fear.

I’m calling in the Light to my dark night
It is not caught in my throat, it screams
in the most unbearable stab of light.

Impaled on the spear of it pointed at my heart
the longest day of my light leaves the
shadows to bring resistance a new beginning

REminded that the shadows have gifts
and that
The long day needs her short night for rest


21 june 2011 > 13/4/0

What joyful, foolish thing will you give yourself to today?
What good boundaries do you need to make?
What will you let go of to give space for the next best thing?


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