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circle at stargatelight


What do you choose?  Do you choose to expand your heart and compassion to embrace an attitude that allows negativity to have NO hold on you?  Or do you choose to wallow in negative thinking and retribution?  Can you find your way to love and kindness.

Because you can

Because you can

Because you can

We might not have a choice in how an event goes down, nor the physical, emotional, mental impact it might have, and we do have a choice in how we respond.  When all the rage and fear has it’s settle down time, and the eat of the mind on your perception of what IS stops the angry story, what will you choose?  Can you find your way to forgiveness?  Can you imagine that your thoughts feed the world.  What if…. you feed the world all your love and kindness?

Because you can

Because you can

Because you can

Stand in the crowd of your heart wide open

Lift your signs of Peace on Earth and

Heaven yes We’re the Best.

Play John Lennon’s Imagine over and over

to the crowd of hearts next to you

Beating the pulse of life in joyous measure

As the revolt of ‘takin’ it to the streets’

Is to celebrate the end of living in fear.

Take back Joy. Take back Peace.

Take the fear and love it.

Because you can



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I imagine myself ready for the Lightness of Being

Held to the incoming vibrations barely negligible

On my richter scale, in the swell of gentle waves

Of my 61 percent of body liquid under the Moon


Dark to Light and back again in the Sun

To Earth continuum in the necessary of the

How this Galaxy of Milky Way unity works

It’s a wonder more of use don’t feel we are drowning


Ready is what I got now that I have yawned the fog away

And I swim with the flow of the blood in my veined river

Awakening to the feel of being Lighter than yesterday

Not quite yet light enough to float through the portal


I thought I had to give everything away to have everything

Ancient choices made way for this Fool’s journey

Infinity hasn’t gone anywhere and has no need to wait

We’ve been floating along with Her for an eternity


Gravity makes us all so heavy with this choice

Earth has her ways of hold and pull with great intent

Her seasons of beauty thrive exquisitely in her evolve

Do we stand with her as she Lightens up with her phalanx?


The Call is only as loud as you give listen to it

Love is a symphony, a universal prayer ceaseless

Surging light for the taking of perfect harmony

Fill up on the Lightness of Being the door is open.









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