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23 Dec. 2017

Todays blog includes a friend/author of mine, with the pseudo name, A.M. Salt.  We will be sharing my blog for the next month or so.  Enjoy our different styles, our different ways we find ourselves calling up the words that feel like they need saying.

snow ponies



Vast is the presence of the infinite
Empty in the unknown
Spacious beyond comprehension

Waiting for a message
Fingertips poised for the tap
The mundane gathers the call

Waiting for the whisper of a gift
Feeling the sureness of words
That the cosmos will deliver

Hard is the buzz of the amour stink bug
In the immediacy of the invite
Hidden in the folds of the curtains

The winged buzz threatens a landing
Breaking into Empty presence
A thief of the silent waiting.

Hands and arms flapping it away
Utterances of unkindnesses
Knowing the creepy feel of that crawl

The awareness now seeks to awaken
This traveler that meets the intrusion
with resistance and a curse

What say you armored bug?
Gift me with your presences
Share the vastness of this Now

I give you freedom in winter chill
As the last bit of life of you
Speaks to the One Heart

In the Empty presence of
The vastness that is in All
Wisdom is in everything

Jeanne Adwani

* * * * * * * *

If I ever forget
the trout that rose
behind the biggest stone
in the middle of the stream
near Whitefish
the year that just my Mother and I
went to fish camp

Remind me, would you?

Its snout surfaced
to take a Blue Olive
drifted just so over the top of the rock
and spilled into the eddying pool.
Remind me how the orange maples’
reflection shone on its back.

A.M. Salt

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gaMornin’…. did anyone else have disrupted sleep last night?… wheeeew. Every two hours, wide awake with one thought on my mind that did not need to reside so insidiously there.  Consuming, and impaling on my peace of mind.

and so…. these words find this morning

There is no pleasure in obsession

no matter the beauty that caresses

it’s edges or the illusion of truth

about it’s goodness.


Obsession finds holes in your

wholeness.  It teases its way

into you lack of self worth

Holds you hostage in the


fixation of it’s power and

is greedy in it’s take over.

Infecting the whole of you

in it’s insidious contortion.


The way out is to fill the void;

those holes of emptiness

with kindness and peace

in the remembrance that


You are enough as you are

Nothing and no one can

fill you up.


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The world is full of make believe

Santa is the least of our betrayals

There is charm to that myth

There is pleasure in the story

That invites the wonder of magic


That puts the spell of possibilities

That dances sugar plum fairies

and a fat man in red that slides

Down a chimney leaving  you

a gift under a glittering tree. 


We give ourselves to the make believe

Letting the glitter of hope and joy

Fill our moments for a little while

Fill our moments with wonder

Full of fiction, staged and performed


The world is full of make believe

We hunger for the hope and joy

In the out there somewhere riding on

A sleigh of reindeer and a HO Ho Ho.

We choose this myth lavishly


Or find another story to take its place

Our lust for sharing and giving

celebrating family and friends 

For finding ways to not be alone

To suspend what is for what isn’t


Oh how we hunger for goodness

And the well being of joy and the jolly

Oh how we make believe so well

Under the christmas tree and lights

“Santa’s back in town”.


What if Santa never left town?

~~~~~~~       7777777       ~~~~~~~


 27 dec  2011   >7/16  >     Chariot/Tower


If you could ‘save the world’  what would you do?

Can you direct your focus back to what needs your attention?

What gives you security and peace?


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30  august  2011    >  15/6   >   Devil/Lovers


How will you give love to yourself so that you can be a better lover?

What does love look/feel/smell/taste like?

Isn’t it interesting that the word ‘devil’ is lived backwards? What does that mean to you?


In that last question… devil/lived, it occurred to me that when we linger in our past, be it years ago or just yesterday,  we have already lived it;  It’s gone.  It is history and can not be undone nor lived the same again.  Should we choose to cling to what is past, that devil, that trickster, will stir confusion and ‘bedevilment’ into our living in the present moment.  So… in my conclusion of this whole devil/lived word thing, is.  Live for each moment or be be-deviled by what you think you shoulda, coulda, oughta, have done.  What can you do right now?



There is no dismissing history

It brings you here as you are

loaded, a full blown human- being

with a past that has a story


You are not just your history

it’s how you live right now

not how you lived what’s gone

redemption is yours for the asking


Yesterdays lead the way to today

Substance builders for right now

To linger in the past holds you captive

keeps you away from the service to life


To serve life is to be of life

To serve life is to give of life

heart open, fully present



Lived is the devil gone by

his trick is to remind you 

to unchain yourself from the past

Release the evil and live


Your life depends on it






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“7” and the TOWER

24 june 2011  >  7/16  >  chariot/tower


What do you need to focus on right now?

How can you stay connected to the very foundation of yourself?

How best can you spend some alone, introspective time?


NOTICE:  If you read the below, you will know what my poetry will be about for at least the next 21 days, maybe 71 days.   I still will be ‘free falling’ into mornings words, giving myself to whatever my muse calls to me in the moment…..


I have thought many many times that I would gather my words and speak to the stories of the Tarot.  So, I will via using the daily number and the associated tarot card.  


For me, everywhere I look is a snapshot of life: a story that holds a moment, a story that holds me to my impressions, my perceptions, to my desires, my family, whatever it is that grazes at my senses, steps into my view in my mind, my heart, my world… is one story after another.  


The Tarot cards are 72 images, that hold the archetypes of most of the stories around and within us.   They speak to the very elemental relationships of life:  earth, fire, air, water, and spirit.   They have been used to tell fortunes, to shift perceptions, to speak to the dead, to understand the great beyond, to consider a moment;  they are many things to those of us that find beauty and challenges in them.


I DO NOt… use them for telling the future or your fortune.   That is for you to discover.  What I do do, is use them to remind me of my moment, center me, ground me, reconsider a story I have going on that does Not serve my life.   Sometime… we need a tool that reminds us that the story that we have going on about ourselves is distorted, lacks goodness, and doesn’t serve our greater purpose.  Whatever that is.  I believe the Tarot is a tool that can help and support the journey of ‘re-storing’ our story to a clearer picture or who we are and what wondrous beings we are meant to be.





THE TOWER                                                                                    “7”


Rules of foundation                                                      Inspired creation investigates

Square, solid, built to last                                      associates with the powers observation

built to hold your family,                                         keen to assess with perfection’s eyes

your work, your institutions,                                       Held sure to intuitions flow

built to protect 

                                                                            introverted seer, Called to quiet explorations 

Rules of foundation                                           gathers endless resources, fills the the pot

Order, structure, form,                                            of knowing, lays wisdom in fine lines

A plan, an idea, a business                                                    for others to read

The call for expansion

And up the floors go,                                                     Swings with prevailing winds

Up for more space, more rooms,                   Calls the spirit of introspection to her altar 

more growth,                                                                   gives focus a higher meaning

More.                                                                                 Call her from her hiding place.


More distance from the base

the ground floor, the welcome mat

More distance to get to the top

Where we are told IT’S at.

The place to get to.  That place

that was built up and up to get to

to where IT’S at.  Up there.


The Tower climbs

The foundation settles

what is known at the top 

is lost to those that give the welcome

What is known at the welcome

is lost to those that claim top gun.


The foundation is always the stronghold

no matter what towers above it.

Hold strong to your foundation

Lofty thinking has it’s down fall.


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3 may 2011   3 + 5 + 4   
 the Empress with the
        Hierophant with the
           Emperor  lead us to the
                                         Hanged One
What does she mean when she says that?  All that goobly
gob of preface.  Numbers and day?  Empress and Hanged
Ones?  WTF?  right?  So… this might be the way the day
unfolds.  or not.  put your cryptic hat cause I think I'm
just gonna ....

Creation shares her charms
She takes her pleasures
She teases your seed of creation
up from the dark loam of you.

She reminds you of what you
lust for, what you might
dream into being.
She is the you that nurtures
the best of worldly offerings

With the Spirit of He Who
gathers resources.
He who steps out of the box
to know the box
considers the Spirits quest
for the sacred cup of life
Making holy, all Paths
that lead the self to

Builds safety held within the
kingdom of order and form
A container for
the spirit of the trinity
to birth creations questions

To turn it all upside down
and look to the day from
a different perspective

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