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1 Jan 2020… 6


In numerology, at least the way I do it, today, this first new day of 2020, is a 6. We start the year with a number that speaks to relationships not only with other, with yourself.
In the Tarot, 6/VI is the number of the Lovers. As I feel into this card, into this day, we begin this turn of the wheel with Love as our first breath, our first inhale. I let myself take that in, fill up on that breath and move Love through my body. I tap into the many things that give rise for me when I let Love wake my heart up, open it wide, let it call me to that place of devotion. I find I tear up a little, a little smile traces across my face, a loss pushes at my edges, all sorts of feelings and thoughts rise up, and there is also this expanded feeling all over and in me that gets my heart to pump a little faster. My entire body lights up, I feel a connection to my surrounds, a noticing of the light around me, and I feel Joy in the ability to have this moment. And what I also know, is I can call up this moment at any time I want, cause I just did, which means for me that it is ever available.
For me, Love is the One Truth, it is the place where we all can connect and feel the greatness, the magnificence of what it feels to Love with out expectation, or return, or anything other than the sublime pleasure of Loving.
Might you take a moment to feel/breathe into your heart and let someone, something, that fills you up with so much Love and tenderness, you can do nothing but succumb to it, can you let that in? Can you feel that pure, unabashed, uncensored Love. How does it move in you? Can you feel it without trying to stop it or let your busy mind run over it?
Maybe, it’s easy to fill up on unconditional Love, or maybe it feels hard, or scary, we all have issues on the topic of love. Whatever it might or might not be for you, it needs no analysis, cause that is brain stuff, not heart stuff. Love does not need analyzing, even tho’ that is one of our ‘go to’ processes cause most of us want to understand the Why, of just about everything. When I drop out of my busy little mind and breathe into my heart, let go of that need to know and understand, image how Love lights me up, I can feel it rather than think it. A whole new glow starts to radiate in me.


Make resolute the quest of an open heart
The ever present Wholy Grail within
Filling and pouring,
Filling and pouring
Filling and spilling

All through the blood red radiance of Being
Pumping in a syncopated melody of
A song never having been sung over and over
Pouring the joyous music of the heart
Like an out breath sigh of tenderness

From the Wholy Grail, the heart chalice
That only needs the quest of letting Love
Be on your every inhale and exhale
Always resting on the tip of your tongue
Plumping your lips for the sweet kiss

Breathing out into the air around you
Only Love



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The Wholy Grail of Wellness

day 29…NapoWriMo

Wholy Grail.

art by.. Georgina-Gibson

Too quick to critique what didn’t happen

To what found it’s way in words here

Out in the minutes given for possibilities

In being exactly enough in that hard rough

voice that thinks it knows so well


The well that feels the dis-ease of not enough

Not so well in the being of that harsh critic

Oh well is that deep hole in the ground

tossing the bucket down on a thin string

to the water unseen from up here


The splash feels good as it vibrates up

the string in hands that wants to hold the drink

to pour it in the parched mouth filling up

in this desert made of old history and lies

on a string that can hardly hold the weight


In the pull up slowly of that water’s oasis

Cool and pure  for the taking and filling

Such a long time in that arid desert

On a quest for that Wholy Holy Grail

with that thin string that holds the gift

Stronger made of will and an open heart


Surrendering up what didn’t happen to

Embrace what did in the long deep drink

From the search to that Well of Wholeness

When the entire world becomes an oasis

And just now you made that discovery








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For those of you that are interested in my Tarot invitation to this New year, please visit.  http://invitationtarot.com


Other wise… here you are with me on this first day of January, 2013.  My father transitioned on this day in 1989, and I give a moment of reverence to him.  Till we meet again.


This is last years New Year’s poem that I thought I’d re-post here cause I forgot it till just now and like it enough to give it again.  It’s followed by this years Ode to the New Year…


1 January 2012



We talked of kindness and joy

The freedom in an open mind

The weather of politics

The conflict of religious righteousness


We talked of black and white

of polar shifts, of dinosaurs,

of diversity, of the health of dirt,

of farming, children’s futures.


We talked and talked some more

to consider, to re-solve the ways

of differences and sameness

hidden and not hidden conflicts.


We talked our way back to kindness

Finding the joy in our moments

Hoping to keep an open mind

Away from the bad weather of politic

And the chatter of our own self righteousness


We brought in the new year with talk

That we walk the way of kindness

And joy as the mindful way of action

With out reaction to what we can not change


“Be the change you wish to see”… Ghandi



1 january 2013


Shift to the new paradigm of love sublime

Gather it and imagine it all over the EArth

That not one soul is left without your Care

Challenge your fear of evil and darkness

Light the way as only you can

Feed joy and kindness to the pain and anguish

Liberate the Infinity of Love and give it away

What you feed grows, Energy is like that

It never dies and your hunger for the Light and

Your hunger for Love will never diminish


Shift to the New Paradigm

Make way for the Peace you desire

Light the way for others to feel and see

Give to Love its highest good.

If you don’t who will?








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I took a quick view of my poems from last April, mostly to see what I wrote on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of the month.  I cracked up when I saw that  I had written a poem on April 4th about being cranky and then I wrote one yesterday, the 5th, about being cranky.  Do you think there is a pattern here?  HA…

Maybe it’s an early April/Spring thing.  The crank doesn’t last long.  I’m re-sharing lasts years after I write this years daily gift to my poetry experience, cause I can…

Also.. last year, on the 6th of April, the prompt was called an ekphrastic poem.  That is writing a poem about A song, a painting, an historical monument,… something of significance that inspires the poem.


The card I’ve chosen is what inspires me this morning.




Transform the handle

of life


Clear the way to sea



Seal the deal a thousand 

petals at a time


Cross your hearts to live

a life worth living


Clarify the view beyond

the veil


Flourish in the intent

of communion


Know better yourself

because of others


This is the way home




4th april 2011

Ode to Cranky


The drift of it is snow                                                                           white and heavy.

Dense, wet, too deep

It makes the distance to

the feel good on the other

side of it.  

  over there.

    just over there.



You like to think you’re dressed

     for it

 Crank ready and fierce.

Plowing through the density of it’s

    hot chill.  

The dry ice of life sticks hard

Vulnerability leaves you open

   to feel it all.


Feel it you must, 

to know the other side.  

    to the just over there

where spring greens and the seeds

of you wait to bloom again.


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inner landscaping

imagines Sunny blue skies

winter hiatus


eyes closed breathing soft

light fills the empty spaces

warm from inside out


find the simple path

embrace the pleasure of now

you are the ONeness


Giggle, frolic, play

let the times be filled with joy

pleasure seekers be


What is the use here?

Or be used up with loving

Use me up please do


MORNING…  If you’re seeking my Daily/Birthday Tarot and Numerology, please direct yourself to 

http://invitationtarot.com    I’d love to have your feed back…  Heck… I’d love you to go take a visit.


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FYI… THIS is a painful poem.



I wet her hair, pump the shampoo

“How was your holidays? I say

I say into her clear eyes 

Eyes that have something to say 

Eyes that have pain and hope

She tells me she lost her husband

She says it wasn’t the worst of it

The shampoo oozes between my shock

Meeting those eyes in her pale


Not the worst of it? NOt the worst of it?

He took his own life in car on country road

Lost for four anguishing day

Dead in his car alone on a country road

A bullet to his head all alone

A note on his chest of his sorry

I wash her hair, sending some tender

In my tremble to her scalp

Her apology for having to tell me

washes down the sink in a froth

I let it whirl away with fresh water

Down the drain

Comforting her apology 


I wonder if the conditioner will soften

Something other than her hair

Will my fingertips massage away

Any of her grief and send it down the drain

Will I snip away any of the depression

Will her short new ‘do’ give her some feel good

Will looking in the mirror to her new self

Support her healing her great loss

“I’m sorry.”  I say

I say it to her ear as we hug.  A quick clench

I say I’m sorry and pray for the grief to fade

Pray for her children’s heartache 

Pray for the husband that couldn’t bear living

One more day. One more minute.

In his car on country road with a bullet

A note of great sorrow on his chest




19 jan 2012    >  16/7   >    Tower/Charioteer


This is a day to consider what you have gotten away from that was once fundamental to you and how you live your life.  You may have lost your focus. You may have laid some ground work and then made a jump that pulled you too far away from the reason you laid that foundation in the first place.  Also, this can be a day in which you honor the foundation that you laid and  the focus you kept to bring you to a celebration of a job well done.


How might you celebrate your stick-to-it-tivenes that brought you a good outcome?

What next step might you take to reach your goal?

Can you dream big and stay true to the fundamentals of your dream?



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I have to say, I love Mighty Good Coffee.  sippy sippy. It’s might good.  Ann Arbor has some excellent coffee bean makers. There’s a lot to say today and I choose to not ramble on and on.  Suffice to say…Coffee’s good.  The moment is good.  And Poetry needs me now to ramble on.  Haaaa…hhhaaaahhaha


I felt the clay’s wet turn in my hand

Elbows held solid to my thighs

Knees gripping the wheel edge

My cupped hands, thumbs up squeezing

Squeezing pressure to the dripping clay

as it coned up in the turn of the wheel

I could feel the chunk of it change form

Moving slick beneath my clutched palms

The oozed of grey slip between my fingers

puddling, dripping, slipping, changing

My slow release around the moist form

A woman’s perfect breast  in clay

I wanted to keep it, cherish this first

expression formed from my hands


I took the sponge upon instruction

Squeezed my breast with water

making it slick and shiny

It’s sensuality a masterpiece

Curve my hands in said position

Pushed and pressed my breast

Slowly, lovingly, gently

into a hockey puck.

I took a breath 




17 jan 2012   >  14/5   >  Art/Alchemy/Hierophant 


The Hierophant seeks out the Sacred Mysteries.  Alchemy is the Art of mixing the impossible with the improbable and making magic happen. ‘5’ is restless. It seeks out of the box in the exploration of all it can be.  

What, in your restless heart, do you seek to explore?

What do you ‘make sacred’?

Is there something in your life that seems impossible and needs you to mix a little sumthin’ sumthin’ in?



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Good morning… a little sippy the coffee.  AAAHHH…  Here we are on Martin Luther King Jr. day, tho’ I honored him in poetry yesterday, I give his spirit a wave and hold each day to the dream of human compassion and the spread of kindness with peace everywhere and in everything.


If peace isn’t in my heart

Will it find itself in my home

At my work, in my garden

With my friends, my family?

Will it find itself at the edges

And corners and center of me?

Is there Peace in the stories I tell

Of me and other, and them, and that

As I share my days,  my hours

My moments in chattered exchange?

Has Peace found me amidst the

Sad, the lonely, the grief, the despair,

The lost, the wretched, the ugly, 

The stupid, the idiots, the killers,

The rapists, the politicians, the dark evil?

Is Peace only selected for some things

And not those other ‘things’ that

Batter my edges and center and

Places of discomfort and anger?

If I can’t find Peace within all that

Do I really ‘give Peace a chance?’

Am I a Peace generator or lazy

In my peace, giving when it’s convenient, 

Or pretty, or easy, or a sweet puppy,

Or sad friend, or where my heart string

Gets pulled and I’m all soft and tender?

What when Peace is hard to give?

Can I give it then?  

Can you join me in giving it then?

Can we give ‘Peace a chance’?

 ~~~~    4    ~~~~


16 jan 2012  >    13/4/0    >    Death/Emperor/Fool


  The stages of ‘4’; of matter, of structure,  of order…..Formless, Form, transform. again

What in your life feels formless and needs either transformation or a plan to bring it to order?

Isn’t it about time you took a leap of faith?

Can you trust that a mistake is you being highly creative and you can try again?



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Martin knew 

We were all connected

Made from Creation’s same cloth

In different shapes and colours.

We came from the same clap of life

The same Garden of Eden

Adam’s Rib, and Eve’s love of apples

The same Cosmic Rumble

Of whirling pieces of planets

From outer space in all that Infinite

Maybe from a monkey, or smoke

or alien seed seeking a new home

We came to be here to live out a life

Live it out the best way possible


Martin knew  

That love and peace is a birth right

Togetherness makes us strong

Separation weakens and gives fear

He had a dream of our equality

of our shared Sun and Moonlight

Breathing the same air

Seeing our differences as strengths

Strengthening our sameness

He saw the Divine in my eyes

Knew that I am Creation’s wonder

Spirit everlasting, God’s child,

A mother’s greatest Love.


Martin knew

That differences made us stronger

A virgin birth, a Cosmic boom

A Pagan dance under a full moon night

A prayer to Mecca, A chant to Buddha

Believing nothing, believing everything

We’re here, we are connected,

He knew.

~~~   3   ~~~


15 jan 2012   >   12/21/3   >   HangedOne/Universe/Empress


In ‘3’ there is the trinity, ‘2’ unites to bring forth another.  A birthing.  Creation unfolds.  Mother/Daughter/Crone,  Father/ Son/Holy Spirit,  Mother/Father/Child.  Within the ‘3’ is Inclusiveness, or exclusiveness.  There can be rejection in what has come forth from the exchange of ‘2’.  


As you consider a new perspective in life, what will you include or exclude?

AT the portal of the Universe, the invitation is to step through and connect with your divine self.  What does that divine self look and feel like?

Can you listen to what your heart’s desire calls you to create?











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Her capricious caper caught the curious Clarise

Clad cleverly, certain of the choral chime

Chanting celestially close to her caper


Certainly her cheeky chatter caught

the clever cloak of constant celebration

Certain of Clarise’s curious commotions


Choice changed the common circumstance

Crashed the caper’s curious caprice

Challenging her clever clad self


Circumnavigating this cluster cluck

She chose to cheat certain caper clues

Collecting new circumstances cautiously


Certain as certain can certainly be

She changed her cleverly clad outfit

Coming to Clarise chanting a new chant


The choral chime capturing her celestially

A constant cacophony of chilling cessations

Charging Clarise’s curious composure over and over


SNOW!!…  a little dust of snow on this magical friday before my birthday.  There is such beauty in the austerity of it.  All clean and smooth.  Everything stark and defined.  As much as I like colour and flourish, I love this too.



Friday… 13 jan 2012   >  19/10/1   >  Sun/Wheel of Fortunate/Magician


On this lucky Friday the 13th how will you be a little ray of Sunshine?

As you survey the circle of your life, what feels important and what needs refreshing?

With your magic wand, what will you tap tap tap to give enhancement?



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