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Martin knew 

We were all connected

Made from Creation’s same cloth

In different shapes and colours.

We came from the same clap of life

The same Garden of Eden

Adam’s Rib, and Eve’s love of apples

The same Cosmic Rumble

Of whirling pieces of planets

From outer space in all that Infinite

Maybe from a monkey, or smoke

or alien seed seeking a new home

We came to be here to live out a life

Live it out the best way possible


Martin knew  

That love and peace is a birth right

Togetherness makes us strong

Separation weakens and gives fear

He had a dream of our equality

of our shared Sun and Moonlight

Breathing the same air

Seeing our differences as strengths

Strengthening our sameness

He saw the Divine in my eyes

Knew that I am Creation’s wonder

Spirit everlasting, God’s child,

A mother’s greatest Love.


Martin knew

That differences made us stronger

A virgin birth, a Cosmic boom

A Pagan dance under a full moon night

A prayer to Mecca, A chant to Buddha

Believing nothing, believing everything

We’re here, we are connected,

He knew.

~~~   3   ~~~


15 jan 2012   >   12/21/3   >   HangedOne/Universe/Empress


In ‘3’ there is the trinity, ‘2’ unites to bring forth another.  A birthing.  Creation unfolds.  Mother/Daughter/Crone,  Father/ Son/Holy Spirit,  Mother/Father/Child.  Within the ‘3’ is Inclusiveness, or exclusiveness.  There can be rejection in what has come forth from the exchange of ‘2’.  


As you consider a new perspective in life, what will you include or exclude?

AT the portal of the Universe, the invitation is to step through and connect with your divine self.  What does that divine self look and feel like?

Can you listen to what your heart’s desire calls you to create?











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Her capricious caper caught the curious Clarise

Clad cleverly, certain of the choral chime

Chanting celestially close to her caper


Certainly her cheeky chatter caught

the clever cloak of constant celebration

Certain of Clarise’s curious commotions


Choice changed the common circumstance

Crashed the caper’s curious caprice

Challenging her clever clad self


Circumnavigating this cluster cluck

She chose to cheat certain caper clues

Collecting new circumstances cautiously


Certain as certain can certainly be

She changed her cleverly clad outfit

Coming to Clarise chanting a new chant


The choral chime capturing her celestially

A constant cacophony of chilling cessations

Charging Clarise’s curious composure over and over


SNOW!!…  a little dust of snow on this magical friday before my birthday.  There is such beauty in the austerity of it.  All clean and smooth.  Everything stark and defined.  As much as I like colour and flourish, I love this too.



Friday… 13 jan 2012   >  19/10/1   >  Sun/Wheel of Fortunate/Magician


On this lucky Friday the 13th how will you be a little ray of Sunshine?

As you survey the circle of your life, what feels important and what needs refreshing?

With your magic wand, what will you tap tap tap to give enhancement?



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shoulda, coulda, oughta,



Lost to the Shouda’, coulda’, oughta  

It coulda’ been in the ‘if only’ but then

They all danced on the head of a pin

raising hands and screaming

“Pick me” for the feel bad in the didn’t do


There were no see’ems fluttering everywhere

before your eyes as  you stared at that pin

The shouldas, couldas, oughtas, turned on you

Pricking your self esteem into a bloody mess

of ‘you didn’t do it’ and ‘if only’, not to mention

What’s wrong with me?


You missed the Sun rise and the Full Moon

Intent on the shoulda’, oughta’, coulda’

playing out on the head of pin begging

Out your victim self to yesterdays finale

Turning on you in spite of your best effort


It all happened minutes, hours, days ago

and you’re still bleeding out the shame of it

A coagulated puddle of shoulda’, coulda, oughta

That needs you to step away and out to

The Sun rise and the Full Moon glow


Cause all that Light desires to burn away

That fog of shame covering your landscape

Out and up and beyond that little pin head 

with all the  shoulda’, coulda’, oughta’s

Ego bent on you never being enough 


Could it be, 

should it be, 

ought it be, 

that you are enough just as you are?

~~~~~~~~        88888888       ~~~~~~~~




11 jan 2012   >  8/17 >  adjustment/balance/Star


How do you shine in the night sky?

Look around you; What needs your attention and adjustment?

HOw do you balance your being to the rhythm of the Earth?


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 Arched Distortion

Grand Rapid, Mi



If you get too far away from the root of you

and nature heaves your land up and out

When you extend beyond your reach

with the sky as your limit

And the moon singes your wings


If you wonder why IT didn’t find you

in the best lay of all your plans

When the reach was met in the extend

and the sky was the tower’s ceiling

and you never needed wings anyway


If you seek only for the finding

In the outcome hope that you will get It

When your root needs a drink

from the parch lament of the Sun

And flying, circles you back to home


If living in the ‘if’ dampers your choices

points a finger at what is or isn’t

heaves you up from the root of you

and holds you hostage to the ‘if only’

What if you noticed you’re good right now?




10 jan 2012  >  16/7  >  Tower/Charioteer


How do you ground your focus?

Does it matter that something/someone will always be one step ahead of you?

How much more do you need to get to where you are?



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She said she didn’t believe in anything
Nothing in particular at all
There was no stall to her quick reply
I had my why set up for the asking

Her feathers fluttered out wide
She couldn’t hide her defense
No relent to her denial of belief in anything
Nothing at all did she believe in

She believed in not believing
leaving a carpet of feathers all around her
I was sure it was a moat between us
It was thus that I let the conversation go

The wind came up and scattered her feathers
This weather tickled my nose and she felt vulnerable
We both stood there believing and not believing
Realizing that none of it really mattered anyway

There is everything and nothing to believe
That’s what I believe.

8 jan 2012 > 14/5 > Art/Alchemy/Hierophant

‘5’ wants outta the box, to explore, to research, to challenge the norm, to gather info and give it back. ‘5’ wants to stir the pot of life and mix the impossible with the improbable and see what might happen. Magic, Alchemy, Art, that just might lead you to Understanding your inner Hierophant; you own spiritual mentor.

What improbable mix of things in your life needs a new ingredient?
What do you reach for out of your ‘box’ to find or have a deeper understanding of your journey in life?
Can you name 3 things (maybe 5)that speak to your creative nature?

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what’s your pile of beliefs?

*******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************  your pile here*********************************************************************************  

So many things to believe in

or not, which is a belief unto itself

The gift of thinking scatters beliefs

out into the everywhere all the time

gathering them up in segregated piles

giving them names and honoring 

the wonder of at last finding the ‘right’

belief, the right order of ‘things’

stacked over there in the shelter of

some edifice that glorifies the believing


It all makes sense to gather and celebrate

or gather and chatter, or gather and defend

or gather and rebel, or gather in the feel good

or gather in the feel alone with a pile 

of beliefs tucked in the privacy of hopeless

The more that gather around one stack built

up to the heavens encourages that mound

to be the right heap.


I have a little piles over here and over there

beach stones stacked beneath the Sun and stars

that remind me of the the magnificence of

Earth and Nature under the canopy of

beyond-what-I-can-imagine as my shelter

The celebration of me and you is all stacked up

in little heaps in my house, my car, my work


I am reminded when I look at them that

I belief in you






7 jan 2012   >  13/4/0   Death/Emperor/Fool


Take a look around your life; what needs you ‘let go of’ it?

Who has your back?

Are you in control of your life?


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Since I choose  ‘breath/breathing’ as what I will dedicate my year to; I hope to include it in my daily writing.  Conscious/mind-full breathing.  Paying attention to my inhales and exhales.  Letting my breath pull me from the barrage of outside jabber and endless distractions into my Center, into my heart; calming, soothing, in the present/presence of now… breathing.   What’s that feel like for you?  I invite you to take a moment and breathe with me.  Let your breath clear your mind.  Let it exhale needless chatter and inhale calm and peace.  


Dorothy said it, “There’s no place like home.”

Closed her eyes, took a big breath

Tapped those little red shoes together

Imagined it so and there she was

If only you had the right red shoes

If only you knew where home really was

If only you knew the right rhythmic tap tap


“Home is where the heart is”

Heart is love, love is home

Home is where you find love

“Love makes the world go round”

Home is all around

Love is everywhere


Maybe it’s time to buy red shoes

Wear your passion on  your feet

Tap dance your way around the world

Notice that love is everywhere

It’s where home calls out to you.

Home has always been right inside you

It’s a sweet little pair of red shoes

that tap tap taps your heart beat.


You are your own wizard

Dorothy found that out.



6 jan 2012   >  12/3/21    >   HangedOne/Empress/Universe


What in your life needs you to give it a new perspective?

Is it time to co-create a new job, a new project,another way to look at things?

When you stand and look to the sky, how do you imagine your place in an infinite Universe?




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