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25 august  2011   >  19/10/1   >   Sun/Wheel of fortune/ magician

 How bright are you willing to shine?

Where on the ‘wheel of life’ do you stand?

How can you make magic happen?


This is MY day…19*!0*1…I’m just gonna let it shine, stand it the center of myself… ANd put all my magical tools in action.  Yep.. that’s what I’m a gonna do.  How bout chu?


Magic is in the breath

the light, the sound, the taste,

the land of living.


Magic is everywhere…


it is the kiss of mother’s love

on the booboo of collision

it is a singular snow flake

held in brief to the sun


Magic is in everything…


It is in a whisper of love

it is fear unleashed

it is breathless beauty

it can taste of skunk and dirt


Magic is everywhere…


it is in the miracle of your birth

it is your last breath to everlasting

It dances on the tips of grace

smolders in the fire of disillusion


Magic is in everything..


It is what you imagine it to be

It is what you dream it into being

It will happen without you

It will happen cause it can


Magic is…


in your breath, your light, 

your sound, your taste

It is in your land of living

Make sacred your magic wand












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24  august 2011  >  18/9   >  moon/hermit







 Can you name three things that the moon symbolizes for you?

How do you wish to be ‘seen’, and is that happening?

Where will you shine just a little more light in your world?



Seems dreamland is visiting me lately.  I use to dream vividly ever night for years.  Kept a dream journal, was part of a dream group… I was dreaming in technicolor; full of symbolism and great stories.  Hormones shifted that.  So it with great welcome I invite them back.  I miss my night dreams.  I think I should do a ‘woo woo’ dance in celebration.  What is your dream world like?


^^^   >>>   ^^^   >>>   ^^^   >>>


Should life lead my memory away from me

I buried my stories beneath my skin

laid them in bright ink 

to shine on my surfaces 


My story is writing in pictures and flash

symbols of a journey taken

a history spoken to in ink

cameos of life lived vividly


To define the why of it is for me only

I can caress your curiosity 

or your want for explanation

with your looks and stares


My journey didn’t include you

It didn’t try to exclude you

stories are for the telling

the truth can be tricky


Living art is a life of wonder

the why of the pain is ours

the results give pleasure

see beyond the surfaces


When my days are numbered

n’ inks fades with my mind

This ‘exotic bird’ I am

will fly the wind to heaven





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