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DAY 10… NaPoWriMo.


heart n pink hand N FLAMESlittle

There is no mistaking the way energy radiates

from everything and everyone laying trails

of Spike and tidal wave, of sooth, and grace.


There is no telling how your vulnerable self

will make guard or open to the incoming

and how the ripples of other, quakes your sea


There is no saying when the roll of it might hit

lay you flat to a false wall left standing

or give rise to the pull and want of more


There is no knowing except in that intuitive sense

when that cone of protection imagined

holds you sealed, contained from the distraction


There is little wonder how we make it through

a day, an hour, the occasional minute

with so much seething vibration around us.


All of us here in the flurry and chaos

All of us here in the gentle and peaceful

All of us here getting by, wondering why

Dissolving in the bombardment of the endless

dynamic of energy, ever present, ever Being


There is no escaping It

We are It.

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