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The Dare of The ONE HEART

NaPoWriMo.  14 April 2022.  ‘VI’. Day of the Lovers

The Dare of The ONE HEART.


When the One Heart says Love is everything

In everyone, in the everywhere every moment


When the One Heart speaks of Divine Source

God/Goddess, Mother/Father God, Spirit

Oneness, Light, Infinite Love, The Sacred


When the One Heart holds Love in infinite abundance

You, me, beloveds, the hateful, the cruel, the tender,

the joyful, the rageful, the drunk, the wretched

the righteous, the kind ones, the innocent, the fearful

the ancient wise one, the devil, the magnificent

the derelict, the Earth, the Cosmos, the psychopath


The One Heart is the container of us All in the All

in dissidence, in truth, in folly, in peace and war,

in madness, in loss and destruction, in serendipity,

our first breath to last.


What is it to forgive that which is within you

and not of you?  You are that and none of it.

Can you forgive the unforgiveable?

I dare. you to make witness of that which you

abhor, breaks your heart, seizes the very goodness

from your soul and lays you empty to be filled again.

How will you be filled again?

What tender forgiveness will you give yourself?

Can you turn to Love NO Matter what?

How will you take love’s nourishment?


jeanne adwani. cc


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