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There is enough Sun for EveryONE.

Air is not exclusive to how it shares

Earth has been freely giving for millennia 

Your Body is a Sea, a Lake, a pond, 

Your blood all flows the same colour as other

And without your heart pumping it

Life ends


 There is enough Sun for everyOne

In our differences and sameness

I sit next to you and breathe in you exhale

I stand next you and feel the presence of

you earth body

If you let me hold you close, I feel the 

pounding of your heart, your life force

next to mine.


There is enough Sun for Everyone

Enough Air for everyOne

Enough Earth to live on and grow on

Enough Water to flow with




It requires us to tend to it all

To steward the land

the waters, the air


There is enough Sun for everyone

and is that enough?

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Tarot, Numbers and The Magician’s Sun

Day 8, NaPoWriMo


8 April 2014… 8+4+2+1+4= 19=1


A little number brew

makes for a rhyming poem to do

In the nineteen of this day

The Sun comes out to play


Totals out to one

In the beginning of this fun

Calls the Magician to wave her wand

For all the elements to respond


For in the golden Orb

Is the power of light to absorb

In radiance expanse

Life rises to meet life’s dance


In elemental glory

The magician casts a story

In the beginning there is no end

In this illusion that gives pretend


Whatever maybe the story

Of Sun light magic glory

All is Now there ever will be

All are One when you believe you see


In this day of nineteen to One

Of the Magician and the warming Sun

Call to magic’s ever presence

Radiate your Light as your essence














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Ode to The Sun and to our own bright Light


3 Dec. 2013 early

the sunset on Lake Erie.vermillionsunset

I woke dreaming about the Sun this morning.  More of the why of it, as we rotate around and around it for who really knows the millennium.  It’s incomprehensible magnificence holds us to Life.  This incredible Force that this Earth and all the other planet’s orbit.  I gave myself (again) to the metaphor of my own Light, at the center of me, my own radiance that I orbit around.  The planet of me that needs the heart of light to survive.  And in that acknowledgement of my Light, in that awareness, I am able to feel the Light of others.  No matter the brightness, the light shines even in a flicker.  I wanted to tell you that, I see and feel your Light and today, I will open up to that a little bit more.


The blaze never stops in this giving that seems endless

This golden brilliant orb that feeds us light

That burns for us day and night

In the way this EArth rotates

In the way we take for granted

what to us has always been


Like the wind and rain

Like the ground we stand on

Like the way the seasons unfold

Like the starry midnight sky

Like the way the radiance rises

Like the way the luminance falls

in coral brilliance

In All ways we need the Blaze


For what are we if there is not this Light

That gives in unconditional flowing

That gives with no want of return

That makes for life and death

In the feeding and taking

In the birthing and transformation

In the remembrance of our own light


That can go on in endless giving

that burns day and night

in the way we rotate around our lives

a spin of what we believe is true

when the rain falls and the ground quivers

and the night is cloudy gloom

and the radiance is hidden

and death seems to end a bright light


Life goes on in the fusion of hearts

The mortal end does not keep us apart

Merry we meet and merry we part

We rise again within each other’s heart


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