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PLAY IT AGAIN… thrift shop poetics

Ya’ll remember Glen and Liberace, Perry, Herb, and Mantovani. Right?  I meet them at Value World, all line up ready to give it up for some  Aerobics


They all wondered why they were there

How it came to this concert consort

Perry crooned his voice to the letter

Lib, ran his fingers down the 

black and whites with a Hoo Hoo Hoo

Herb got all brassy feelin’ the Love

Glen thought it was Galveston

Mantovani, decided it was a 

Broadway caper

Their Aerobics was a little off


All n’ all the boys got all professional

In the forced participation of the moment

and decided to make it work in the 

push n’ pull, the step it up, stretch it out

reach for the skies kinda way


Perry was glad he had three white shirts

Lib figured the red feathered boa

was a good prop for stretching

Herb was use to this kinda thing

Glen knew how to walk the line

Mantovani decided to orchestra the

whole darn group of them

In the one, two, and three again


It was impressive bringing them

together like this, happening all

natural like in the unexpected

discard of life’s fancies lined up

for someone else’s pleasure

The Aerobic dance of life found

in the stretch and pull of $3.31


It was hard not to buy into this gig

Gather them all up for a pot luck

of inspiration on the Motorola

Only, I was stretching for the 

Hawaiian shirt across the aisle

Steppin’ up my way to the notions


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yawn… get some oxygen into those morning lungs.  And.. sippy the coffee

Yesterdays poetic endeavor was pretty Bla Bla.  I couldn’t help myself.   I think I should publish the dang thing.

 think I’ll get back to some Thrift shop poetry.



Hanging here casual like

Hopeful panty hose ready

to slink onto some legs

Remembering the nylon hold

over those legs that once desired them

The feel of skin freshly shaved

pulling and stretching, fitting

all tan and slender, tight and

smooth.  Sexy sleek over the belly


They check you out as you pass

Slinking out leggy commentary 

“Look at her, she could use a little

a little support on that belly.”

“And what about that map of veins

on that old broad?’

“That is a pasty white girl if I

ever saw one.”


Hanging here now loose empty

A trinity of discarded legs

going nowhere fast 










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DISCARDED PROOF… Thrift Shop Poetry

Howdy… up waaay too early this morning.  gulp the coffee.  What is it about Spring that feels so busy and busy?  Ya know?  I’m filled with things to say and do and write about.  To stay centered in some darn thing or another, I’m gonna grab on to one of my Thrift Shop poetry pics and dive into that this morning.  So. there


Ordered jumble of discarded proof

That you really did wear that once

YOu did and now some wayward

treasure hunter considers the worth of it

for the pleasure of cheap and recycled


Fondles and sniffs at it like a dog hopeful

Holds it up for full viewing and even

lays it on their body hanger and all

tilting their head left to right before the

strip of mirror that say “Oh ya, good find.”


The thing is, is that you dropped that box

of old clothes and god knows what all

at the back door donation depository

and marched yourself around to the  front

door to gather and sniff like every other

hound on the make all hopeful for

another good piece.  Who cares what the

 mirror says. 


There is that breathless moment when

you enter and gaze at the vast grocery 

of un-eatables at least in any traditional 

sense cause you will be consuming 

someone else’s leftovers and forage

like a monkey in heat for just the right 

junkers pleasure that some fool surely 

didn’t know what they were ridding themselves of.







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THE GALAPAGOS… thrift shop poetry

Mornin’…  more Thrift Shop Poetry


I visited the Galapagos Islands 

on aisle three with the twins, Dawn 

and Bobby B. They were headed that way 

I thought what the hell, I’ll join them.

They were pretty sure they had relatives

there cause they had that look about them

I’m mean… every one said they had that



No dispute from me, no way. There

was wisdom poised over the tank tops

and shorts.  I was determined to linger

and see what summer wear had to say.

A pair of plaid capris wiggled off the hanger

“Pick me please.”  Dawn and Bobby B

just stared right through me so I hung

them back up and reached for the blue

linen ones.  They clearly approved.


Not much into skimpy tank tops

Even tho’ Dawn gave a wink and a nod

for a tight black one with a hot pink

rhinestone butterfly across the bosom

I carted it to please her thinking $2.80

wasn’t too much to lose snatching the

tye dye multicolored one next to it 

for $1.61 to please myself just incase 


The Galapagos of shorts and tank tops

an island in a sea of winter’s end

infused the hope of summer fun

Bobby B and Dawn ever statuesque

solemn and weirdly  calm remained

to hold court in their mysterious way

waiting for a straw hat or visor to

tease another $3.72 out of you for their trip home




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