Time Has Changed



Time is recalibrating, days crunch together in twelves

then expand into forty-eight, then have no meaning

not in the way we all laid our schedules down

not in the way we made our hours fit our days

not in the way we made up time like we imagined it

the Sun rises and set, the Moon makes her monthly pattern

there’s sense in that, there’s a time continuum in that


Time is dissolving like we put it underwater to watch it

swirl in a vortex of energy pulling what we thought we knew

deeper into an unknown unseen cavern of timelessness

all the while we still think we can be on time, fill the day

while we watch the clock tick and move as if it knows  

the perfection of twenty-four hours and we should too

we ‘should’ on ourselves yet again.


Time is teasing us just like the Sun does, shining so bright

so welcoming on a freezing day we think it might be warm

we feel a little thrill when the temperature says 28 degrees

and there He is all bright and smiling that sunny grin

what a liar that Sun is that can toast a marshmallow

that can make green lush an arid desert landscaped

Fiery bastard is such a paradox


Time is liar, we didn’t think so. We don’t want to believe it

we are still held to the twenty-four, it’s what we know

it’s what we count on to keep us in a timely manner of life

the clock says so.  Big Ben belts out the hourly chime.

alarms ring out the hour to rise and shine to the new day

only have you noticed how out of sync the days feel

how running late or early, or out of time is the new time


Time is different.  Time is not the same as it was yesterday

even a moment ago when you looked it all seem right on time

just like you knew it would be, felt it was tic toc-ing right

the world was timely and in perfect flow like you like it

nope. Take notice.  Feel into it.  Change is happening

space time continuum has you on alert.

Really, I’m not kidding



Jeanne adwani.  copyright 2021

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Today the time changes.  We ‘Fall’ back an hour.  I gotta say, I get confused with all that.   There’s a contradiction for me in the idea of ‘springing forward’ and ‘falling back’.  In my little brain to ‘spring forward’ would mean, we jump (spring) ahead of the time of things, gain an hour in our haste, and ‘falling back’ we would tumble and fumble and lose an hour.

Which is NOt how it goes.

Oooooo da brain is already on a wobbly trying to figure that all out.  In truth of this particular time continuum we have all bought into and must be clear about;  We will fall in to gaining an hour and in the springing forward we lose an hour.  Doesn’t that seem goofy.  OK… it’s probably only me in the whole Universe that jumbles this all up.  eek


If I’m correct… doubt me if you will… Today, we gain an hour so daylight gives rise at a time for more light.  6 am tomorrow morning will have been 7am this morning, thus we gain an hour.

Egads it’s all an illusion anyway.


It’s a tumble in my jumble

in the fall back that springs up

An hour that yawns the morning early

To darken the night before it’s time


None of it changed


The cycle is unbroken in the nature of it

Nothing is early or later cause of the tic tock

In the round about of that face of time

Changed to suit the circumstances


Nature keeps on her seasons path


Time means nothing to what needs to happen

Earth makes the circle of life as is her journey

In the Death, birth, Life of sustainability

Darkness and Light is the Sun’s message


The spiral of life is moving


In that rotation of orbital security

In the galactic know it all with or with out us

We fall forward and we spring back

We gain, we lose, and do it again


We are tumbling in the vast Universe


Finding our way by claiming time

Hoping for as much Light as we can get

Falling for the illusion

Springing for more time


There is as much time as you need














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