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Stewardship and a way to W’Holiness

Day #2… http://www.NapowriMo.net


There is no ownership with lives and life as we engage them
What lives in breath and light seeks our stewardship
Not the embrace of arms and minds that contract freedom
Restrict the essence of life unfolding as it will

In healthy boundaries laid in equal portion
We find the sweet pulse of hearts uniting
Of cellular memories reminding us of who we are
Of who we have always been when flesh and bone are nothing

More than the earth we mix with rain and sun
In the flourish of life everlasting beyond what is imagined
In the being here for this Earthly moment in a turning Galaxy
Of a landscape of Infinite proportion dancing in the star gaze

How do we own anything when we are already everything?
Stewarding our way for some goodness on this Earthly path
Inhaling each other as we pass in silence in a foreign moment
And you are inside me giving me life with out knowing you

I bow to you that gives me your air for my life in our recycling
There is no way to own you only to steward our journey together
Arms open, mind open, heart open for freedoms sake
In your essence I find mine and may we unfold

In this illusion together pure and W’holy as is the way of Spirit

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Faces of Faith, Zion Lutheran Church, Ann Arbor, MI.  2-4pm  TODAY….

This event, which I am participating in, is about the gathering and sharing of various, religious and spiritual practices with the public.  It is an opportunity to find out a little bit about the diversity of faiths that you might be interested in knowing and understanding a bit better.

I represent the ‘pagans’.  I’m sorry that paganism get such bad press because really all it means in it’s many many ways of getting expressed, is the thought/feeling/faith/belief, that nature, the seasons, the cycles of the moon and planets embrace Deity.  There are many expression of Paganism, many ways to ritualize all of the above.

I have my way, and I will be sharing that publicly, this afternoon.

Here is some Haiku that rises in me this morning ….



Earth, Fire, Air, Water One

In patterns and cycle praise

Nature speaks her Truth

It’s elemental

Fire heats it up, lights the heart

Lead  you to passion

It’s elemental

Earth is the bones, hug the tree

Make manifest dreams

It’s elemental

Water gives the flow compassion

Fill and pour again

It’s elemental

Air is your breath in the Now

Inhale winds of change

It’s elemental

All of you are united

Light, bones, flow, breath One

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