The Way is Not Lost or Found



It’s not that The Way is lost

Or you lost your Way,

or what is lost is way far away.

or that you need finding.

There is compliment in the way

getting lost calibrates your compass.

Bringing that crazy eight swiped in the air

to captures a moment of Infinity

that wants a moment of direction

from the center place of you already found.

When The Way needs you to breathe into it.

To re-calibrate the  purpose that is already yours

in the 360 from where you north, south

east and west yourself on the way home.

This fugue state is the pause, the inhale

and exhale, because the speed of light

Is too much for an earthly body to comprehend

while making Way to Enlightenment is already yours.

Being lost is the 3Dimensional duality to found.

That choice is not what is the matter of what matters.

It helps give rest and reflection

that holds sacred this journey.

The Way is not lost nor found

It is.

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I imagine myself ready for the Lightness of Being

Held to the incoming vibrations barely negligible

On my richter scale, in the swell of gentle waves

Of my 61 percent of body liquid under the Moon


Dark to Light and back again in the Sun

To Earth continuum in the necessary of the

How this Galaxy of Milky Way unity works

It’s a wonder more of use don’t feel we are drowning


Ready is what I got now that I have yawned the fog away

And I swim with the flow of the blood in my veined river

Awakening to the feel of being Lighter than yesterday

Not quite yet light enough to float through the portal


I thought I had to give everything away to have everything

Ancient choices made way for this Fool’s journey

Infinity hasn’t gone anywhere and has no need to wait

We’ve been floating along with Her for an eternity


Gravity makes us all so heavy with this choice

Earth has her ways of hold and pull with great intent

Her seasons of beauty thrive exquisitely in her evolve

Do we stand with her as she Lightens up with her phalanx?


The Call is only as loud as you give listen to it

Love is a symphony, a universal prayer ceaseless

Surging light for the taking of perfect harmony

Fill up on the Lightness of Being the door is open.









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Today, I begin studying in the All Faith Seminary, out of New York to become a minister.  WOW.  I know, right? Rev. Jeanne.  That made me shimmer just to write that.  I think Just Jeanne is good.

I am excited to take this on and in to my life.  Another stepping stone, and more tools to gather in my bag and quiver to support what I believe are shifting times.  The Mystic in me rejoices with every opportunity to know the wonder in joy and magic that I believe is everywhere and in everything, all the time.  Love is all ya need.  AND… I love laughing as much as possible.

The Earth is shifting.  I am shifting.  And for me, in the Global shift, I desire to part of change and the positive experience with in the dynamic of these shifts.   Can you feel it?   12.12.12.  well, I can’t think that far ahead, being a ‘Be Here Now’ kinda gal, and I feel the rising energy for some magnificent Evolutionary change….soon

Regardless of any of it.  There is too much to share around it all for me here and I’m gonna listen to a little song in my mind… “This lil’ Light of Mine, I’m gonna let it shine….”  You know the tune… let’s sing it out loud shall we?


The Earth knows  her Falling and Springing

Her blooms and her death, she let’s it all go

Her Seasons come out to play in their uninhibitedness

They Dance and spar with each other.

Claiming the green shoot and the scented bloom

Finishing in spice with a shiver of white ice

Called for in repeat performance year after year


All the faith of them share the journey

A yearly seminar of elemental discourse

Even in their vying for champion

They all know the outcome is equal

No matter the longitude or latitude

Where summer never rises, and winter claims it all.

Where desert hungers for more water and bloom

Balance seeks itself somewhere in the somehow.


Today, with a nip in the air and leaves a bed in my yard

I have a seed that just sprouted a tip of spring green

I’ll let it take root within the Sunshine of my heart

I’ll breathe all the winter air in to feed it

And drink from the well of kindness to nurture it

It is safe here, inside of me, a growing wish

A little sprout of peace to birth when it’s time comes

When it’s time comes







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With this beautiful sunny day here in Ann Arbor, mi. and the Obama family still residing in the White House, I am happy.    For me, I am reminded that what I feed grows and is nurtured.  What do I wish to nurture?  Fear?  or Love?

It’s a no brainer for me.  Ha… exactly Yes, get the brain outta the way and listen and feel my heart open and give kindness and Joy to all.  Nurture, Love.  Nurture laughter.  Nurture the image of a successful journey to equality that starts with me.  I don’t think I can say this enough.  “WE are the ONES we have been waiting for.”  WE are One.  There is no more waiting.


There need be no change of heart in outcomes

One outcome leads to the next one and the next

With a heart held open in kindness and peace

Space is held for goodness to expand and penetrate

No matter how far the reach or grave the mind

That gives way to images of negativity.



There is enough air to breath for all

Joy is at your command

Kindness rules the gentle heart

Peace is yours no matter what

If you believe it you will see and feel it

Awaken to all the beauty around you


You are the best outcome that can ever be



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