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In the grey sky, tinged with morning pink
Vulnerable are the trees in silhouette
Naked against Winter’s austerity
Leafless against the bitter cold

Roots buried deep in the frozen earth
The life blood slowed in the quietude
Staunch in the willingness to wait
For the tilt of the Earth to call to Spring

Humans know none of this at their root
Such vulnerability to Winter’s quest
For silence and the slow beat of living
Wrapped in layers of cotton and wool

Skin is not like bark to a tree
No leaves for us to lose in wait to return
Nor does our root bury itself deep
No such attachment to one place

We are of stars and wander-lust
Held to gravity and ancient stories
Held to search for what settles our root
To this short stay on this blue marble

That for today, awakens to a grey sky
With a tinge of pink in sunrise
As this season of bitter cold cycles
in the reminder of vulnerable silence

by    jeanne adwani


Just riding 
by the cornfields
Seven crows 
in a silver tree

A.M. Salt

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23 Dec. 2017

Todays blog includes a friend/author of mine, with the pseudo name, A.M. Salt.  We will be sharing my blog for the next month or so.  Enjoy our different styles, our different ways we find ourselves calling up the words that feel like they need saying.

snow ponies



Vast is the presence of the infinite
Empty in the unknown
Spacious beyond comprehension

Waiting for a message
Fingertips poised for the tap
The mundane gathers the call

Waiting for the whisper of a gift
Feeling the sureness of words
That the cosmos will deliver

Hard is the buzz of the amour stink bug
In the immediacy of the invite
Hidden in the folds of the curtains

The winged buzz threatens a landing
Breaking into Empty presence
A thief of the silent waiting.

Hands and arms flapping it away
Utterances of unkindnesses
Knowing the creepy feel of that crawl

The awareness now seeks to awaken
This traveler that meets the intrusion
with resistance and a curse

What say you armored bug?
Gift me with your presences
Share the vastness of this Now

I give you freedom in winter chill
As the last bit of life of you
Speaks to the One Heart

In the Empty presence of
The vastness that is in All
Wisdom is in everything

Jeanne Adwani

* * * * * * * *

If I ever forget
the trout that rose
behind the biggest stone
in the middle of the stream
near Whitefish
the year that just my Mother and I
went to fish camp

Remind me, would you?

Its snout surfaced
to take a Blue Olive
drifted just so over the top of the rock
and spilled into the eddying pool.
Remind me how the orange maples’
reflection shone on its back.

A.M. Salt

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Trees breathe in starlight… found language.

I stole the first line of this poem from the quote below.  “Trees breathe in starlight…”  I found it lovely and magical.  I don’t think I’m done writing about it yet.  And this little poem feels just right right now.

IMG_3297winter in michigan.  A hoarfrost.

Trees breathe in starlight

The shimmer of the Milky Way

A dance of constellations

A rhythmic pulse of night glitter

Pulled down and in

held in bark and limb

twig and leaf

Seed and stem

The inhale of constellations

from all that Infinite

goes to root

And the Earth

feeds on heavenly


“You know why trees smell the way they do? Stars. Trees breathe in starlight year after year, and it goes deep into their bones. So when you cut a tree open, you smell a hundred years’ worth of light. Ancient starlight that took millions of years to reach earth. That’s why trees smell so beautiful and old.”

Frances O’Roark Dowell.

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Winter Wants The Mitten

More snow.  More cold.  More snow.  More cold.




Winter wants the Mitten

The Lower grabs the Upper

Pulls the weight of white starflakes

In perfect form down heavy to palm


The best to do is to roll to the center

A tight ball of the white chill

Fight it all out till the end

Lay your angel down in


Extended sweeps of arms

And legs, prostrate to the heavens

Better to pray for world peace

Than the hope of Winter’s end


There’s more than any of us need

In the slip and slide to where you

Want to go if you can get there

In the silence of the black and white


Winter wants the Mitten hard

Like I said.  best to roll to the center

Lay your angel down and pray

for Spring



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THe Blue Jay… a phantom, pantoum.


In the still bitter chill of the winter white

Busy is the Blue Jay  in his taking

Naked limb to naked limb dancing

Squawking for the spare of this season’s bounty

Busy is the Blue Jay in his taking

Watching his big want for so little

Squawking for the spare of this season’s bounty

And the Lake gives her flat stare to the grey sky

Watching his big want for so little

In the day rise of cold grey austerity

And the Lake gives her flat start to the grey sky

The only flick of blue is this bird flitting

In the day rise of cold grey austerity

A blue bird relentless in his scavenge

The only flick of blue is this bird flitting

Perched am I watching from frosted window

A blue bird relentless in his scavenge

Naked limb to limb dancing

Perched am I watching from frosted window

In the still bitter chill of winter white

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A big blue sky mornin’ to you.

winter blue

Gloom Girl has been blown to another part of the planet for the time being, and her identical twin sister, Babe Blue makes her appearance.  What can I say about this babe, other than what you know about sunny days and blue sky;  It makes everything brighten up and feel so much more jolly.  Right?  Even if Gloom Girl left behind her bitter chill, Babe Blue giggles at it and let’s her Sunny disposition fill up the sky.  It is winter here in Michigan after all, and that chilly freeze thing scoffs at us all no matter who’s filling up the sky.

As identical as these two sisters are, the grey blue eyes of GG are no match for the brilliant azure of BB.  And, BB doesn’t slump  when she walks nor does this lil’ miss hoody herself up.  Nope, not this little bit of Blue joy; she’s all busy making the big above all gloom and cloud free.  She’s showing off her luscious bod as if it’s 85, and she’s lounging on a tropical island beach where the Sun guy is always shining in honor of how well BB cheers the crowd on to praise him.   He sure loves all that attention.

Big Daddy Sun is a happy camper having a good hair day, and is especially feeling all warm and cuddly now that sister BB has awakened the land with her sprite.  I’m definitely feeling it and I’m going to wear denim blue today in celebration. I might even dangle a little sun shine off my ears.


Celebrate blue sky

Give your face to the sunshine

Ease into the joy






White waves of winter

White waves of winter

The White Waves of Winter

Snow sweeps in white waves

Builds the quiet deep

A flurry of winter’s best

Lays rest to the hurry fast

Demands a slow down


There’s a welcome in this rest

In the silence of white layers

folding in on the land in

this season’s call to quietude

When living pulls to the center


And the freeze whispers of green’s

Return in the quickening

Toward Spring’s shiver wakening

Not yet ready to melt the white away

For Winter’s hold is hard and slow


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