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Resting back in the Center of me.

Settling into my breath

Letting the wholeness fill me up

The Universe is unfolding



History makes her weaving ways into my present.

Suckles on my fears and weakness.

I have rocked this baby before.

I can’t drowned her, or smother her

I can’t shake the pictures out of her head


I remove her from her cradle of lies

I raise her to the Sun and Moon

in an ‘All Hail great Universe’

lay her on a bed of mossy green

under the bluest sky there ever is

and chant her stories of beauty and grace

of life that has no death and love that knows

no darkness in the forever after.


I let her suckle on the breath of love

In a world of kindness and joy

I sing her to sleep in the dream

scape of infinite possibilities of

great goodness made manifest.

I remind her that there is only Love

in the eternal Oneness of Spirit


She is her own spirit

on a human path

finding her moments







14 jan 2012    >  11/20/2  >  Lust/Luster/Aeon/Judgement/Priestess


This is my birthday, the beginning of a new year.  So, the questions will be very much about what I invite myself to consider as this ‘new year’ of mine unfolds.  What calls to me from the above Tarot cards as they represent my year to come.  I have given a brief description of them.  Of Course… I invite you to consider them too.

Luster; A way light interacts with the surface of a crystal, rock, or mineral.  A gentle sheen or glow.

Lust:  Passionate Desire.

Aeon: The gift of innocent Wisdom

Judgement: Feeling called to something greater than and rising to the accountability of it

Priestess:  She Who ‘stands between the worlds’ counseling what wisdom might need knowing as you become ready to be initiated into your next Spiritual awakening.

How I choose to interpret this for myself:   This year invites me to the gentle sheen and glow of my passion.  To deepen my spiritual wisdom as I remain accountable to myself, listening to my inner counsel as well as the wise counsel of others. All this brings me to the gift of Spiritual, Emotional, and Loves Awakening call.


What will I do to experience more Passion and Luster in my life? 

What calls  to me to ‘rise up’ and be more accountable in my personal life and how I might support my community?

How can I listen more deeply to my own inner wisdom without letting distraction pull me away?  

How will I let my breath bring me more deeply into the present moment?


Winter brought me here

A blizzard fierce, wild, raging

Snow flakes on my tongue 


Lust in the glow 

Light lays sheen on my surface

Naked and ready


Decades leave rusting

Flesh will soften and withers

My fire burns hot


Old outside young in

Wisdom has aged beautifully

Enough as I am





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There is no lonely 

The empty void knows darkness

To know that there’s light


The absence of love

I will not imagine that

Impossible death


Stray not far from self

You are your own becoming

kneel to kiss the ground

            ~~~~~~~~~~  1  ~~~~~~~~~~

14 dec 2011    >  19/10/1    >  Sun/Wheel of Fortune/Magician


Can you close your eyes and imagine an incredibly perfect Sunny day and let that fill you up?

What does it mean/feel to stand in the center of your life?

Do you doubt the impossible?


I didn’t expect that I’d get caught in being a weather reporter here.   Tho’ the weather of nature  is the perfect metaphor.  Sunny outside, feeling all grey inside.  or the other way around.  There isn’t an act of nature or the elements that I can’t related to some sort of emotional, inner experience.  So,  when I speak to life as a metaphor, that pretty much sums it up for me;  an an allegory, a symbol, a comparison.  We are inter/inner connected to the world around us and with each other and with ourselves.  IMO.  No separation. 


Metaphor….    4+5+2+1+7+8+6+9  =  4+2  =  6 =  LOVERS…

    Metaphor is all about relationships. Finding out about yourself via knowing others; by knowing the world around and within you.  Who are you anyway?






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9 dec 2011   >   5/14   >    Hierophant/Art/Alchemy


What keeps you from exploring and experiencing your ‘art-full’ nature?

In this season of family, friends and giving what do you need to give to yourself?

When you feel ‘stuck’ and caught in a rut, what do you do?


Ga’morning.  It’s all fresh white surrounding me out there on this December day.  Heavy wet white clings to naked branch, clings to anything it can.  A taunting squirrel, (don’t they hide away in the winter) sits inches from the window that my cat with his flat ears and chatter would like to toss into the air and nibble on.  His want is great right now.  Me… my weather inside is quiet, unadorned yet with the day’s needs and wants.  Soon that will change.


~~~~~     55555    ~~~~~


Enter the stillness quiet fed space

No place for the rumble of daily do’s

Where chatter upon chatter chases away silence

No balance in that busy overwhelm till you call it back


To you for the quietude that gives rest 

Best place to find yourself in the daily storm

There’s pleasures found in the thunder and lightening

Brightening the dull waste of lonely empty’s fear of quiet


That will seek you in the always

Many ways will it call you to it’s deep

Inviting the surface chatter fear to find a calm

A balm of peace amidst the rumble of daily do’s that don’t


Give the soul-full yearn to quiet love

All of what you need has never left you 

In the silence all is as all has always been  

When you believe you will see.





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Old Geezer

16 nov 2011    >  0/4/13   >   Fool/Emperor/Death


When it’s your ‘time’ , how might you imagine your transition to be?

How might you describe the Fool as a hero?

When you “come to that bridge” how will you cross it?

Mom..what a geezer girl she is. miss you.

            ~~~~    !!!!    ~~~~ 

Aging will have it’s way with you.  

A new norm rises from the ache in the joints

The greying of the hair, the slip of memory

If you’re breathing by sixty

Days will come shorter and shorter

You will hunger for the day to stretch out

and give you more time… more time

More time for the caress of love

The share of wisdom’s years

The gift of  family and friends

The joy of imagining a future

The pleasure found in leaping into life 

The youthful zest and thrill of living



whirls and swirls dark to light

light to dark, duality finds it niche

Life to death, bitter to sweet,young to old. 

Circumstance may have laid the foundation

Bitter might of layered despairing years

Poverty dug a hole in possibilities

Illness gave the Path painful resistance

Obstacles will have found you worthy

What’s in the way of life has it’s gifts


The dance of life takes no hostages 

Born to live and die is the outcome

The mindful notice of life is a sacred journey

Where living finds its best self

 Ageless, timeless, everlasting

The body will fail you and your

spirit never will.  It never will.










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9  nov 2011   >     6/15   >    Lovers/Devil


How do you honor and love yourself; body, mind, and spirit?

What do you find interesting about the fact that ‘devil’ is ‘lived’ backwards?

What will you do today that serves your friends and family?


Nanowrimo… day 9.  I’m behind big time.  And.. I’m movin’ along not giving it a worry.  I’m workin’ it.  

The rain is gentle this morning.  Peaceful. I could slip right back into the bed and let it drift me back to dreamland.  My inner clock still follows the same rhythm of defined time as before the day gained an hour.  My circadian beat is a powerful thing.  

~~~~~~      !!!!!!      ~~~~~~      !!!!!!


Sippy the coffee on my circadian beat

Wind up the inners so to follow my feet

Tappy dance the day with a whole lotta glee

Imagine the health of my poor old knees


It doesn’t take much to put on a smile

Sippy the coffee in my morning style

Imagine the wonder of living the life

Doing what I love dismissing the strife


I get a kick outta making a rhyme

For me it makes for a silly good time

Sippy the coffee, Lucky ol’ me

Feelin’ my belly laugh with a big He He.


What do ya think, what do ya know

Howz the rhymin’ of you on the go

Finding the pleasure in the wee lil’ things

Dump all the angst with a spirited fling


Doesn’t make sense not to have a good time

Doesn’t make sense not to give life a rhyme

It’s in the giving that life is it’s best

Lovin’ and laughin before death gives you rest


So sippy the coffee, tappy those dancin’ feet

Welcome your living, make life a big treat

For all is now and now be the all

Now is what cha got so answer joy’s call











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3 nov 2011     >   18/9    >  Moon/Hermit


What phase of the moon best describes You; full, crescent, gibbous, dark?

Do you let your light shine so you can be seen?

What will bring-it-all-together for you?


DAy 3 of Nanowrimo.  Yes, folks you will be hearing about this ad in nauseam for the next 27 days.  Don’t leave me.. ahahahaa. My dedication to this blog surpasses many things in my life I have given myself to, (is that pathetic?  I’m thinkin’ not)  Not because my poetry/me is exemplar or the grandest.. simply I’m doing it and giving it out there.  a testing ground for possibilities of how feelings and thoughts find themselves in words expressed my me and my stories.  A place to lay my poetry and idle drivel down. And… I have and do live a rich colourful life that may inspire others to step into the wonder of their own creative inspired life.

just thought I’d share that with you…   You are, after all, a gift of Divine inspiration. A manifestation of Creative Source that lives inside of you.   namaste’

~~~~~~~~~         ?????????         ~~~~~~~~~


There is no matter if you don’t believe

ALL is what it is with or without you

It doesn’t need you to ‘get it’ to Be.


The journey might be in the ‘Get it’

Whatever the ‘Get-it’ might be

If there is indeed a journey to get


And where do you want to get to?

Is that the first question to ask?


is the first question to ask

Where am I right now?


The ‘right now’ holds every answer

you ever need to ‘get it’  All.






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31 oct 2011    >   18/9     >  Moon/Hermit


What kinda “Boo” are you up to?

What are you brewing in your pot of life?

What are you really scared of?


BOO… Halloween may be more of a Hallmark Holiday, with it’s gimmickry and over the top gore and excessive indulgence in candy, AND… this is a time to honor those that have transitioned, passed on, left the earth plain and have given us their wisdom.  A time of year to celebrate the ‘world-beyond’ that most of us can’t quite see, tho’ there is this feeling.  This feeling and yearning we can’t quite explain, at least for some of us.  The veil between the worlds is very very thin.


~~~~~~~~~         ?????????         ~~~~~~~~~


Call out to those that have turned to ash

listen to the wisdom of the dead in the wind

Feel the heavens open to celebrate love everlasting


Give to these days the harvest of the soul.

Feed your longing wisdom with death’s silence

For those that go before you whisper “till we meet again”




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15  Sept 2011   >  19/10/1  >    Sun/Wheel of Fortune/Magi


How bright are you willing to shine?

How do you keep your body, mind, and spirit agile?

What will you do with your magic wand today?


A coral glow lays a strip across the street as the Sun rises.  Leaves are quiet on their branches.  Autumn tickles their greens, readying for riotous color in the next few weeks.  Light grows soft on this new day.  Sound isn’t quite awake in my neighborhood.  Coffee just finished brewing…   ya’ll know what that means?

Sippy the coffee.  MMmmm.  The first sip is hot,full, dark, a little bitter; sits for a second on my tongue and lingers on the back of my throat.  More… yes please.


“Time is a rubbery thing.”  I have written about it in the not so distant past, 19 April, as a matter of fact, should you be so inclined to go and take a read at it.  There is no doubt for me that time, as I have aged, is slippery and definitely a rubbery thing.  Years, blend, into each other.  My mind bounces on years past, remembering this and a little of that.  I give myself to reminisce halting the time frame cause I don’t exactly remember when.  Not exactly. Wasn’t it just a couple of years ago? NOPE.. it was six years ago.  Wasn’t that a ‘70’s thing?  NOPE…



Time blends into itself

Sagging skin, wrinkled brow

Betrays the time warp

The mirror has no magic


Yesterday’s time truth gone

The body a day older

Calls the now to defend the loss

Earth time will take your ash


youth hangs her mystery

An ethereal coat of reminisce

Lays the heart to disbelief

aA the body gives way to age


Wisdom is the gift of sag

It comes on the wrinkled brow

It can fill the cup overflowing

As we pour out our youth


And so it goes in slippery time

As it blends into itself

Leaving youth inside 

To tickle at the age of us


We don’t get out of this alive






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2 sept 2011    >  14/5  >   alchemy/art/heirophant


What feeds your creative soul?

How do you make water into wine?

How do you lead spiritually?

 ***** note… I didn’t edit till now and I’m sorry for the mess.   I don’t know wat happened.  lol

I’m in the new house.  There were moments of madness and giddiness as the day unfolded and mountains of ‘stuff’ filled the emptiness.  Now making the house my own.

 As goes my life and yours to, we have l a story and maybe one to share another time.  What I know right now…  Is I’m glad to be here.  It is my kinda space.  The first cup of coffee is a good sippy sippy.  I sit here, facing the expanse of southern windows, the sky is grey, and threatening to open and pour, it’s very quiet in this little 50’s sub, and pretty soon my little dog will arrive and find his new home.   I have lots to say and I desire to unpack the gaggilion boxes I have.  GAGGGIliON.  So.. here is a little Haiku from me to you.


The same is different

Different embraces the same

It will rain today


Holy is the name

Breath into the goodness

Hold moments sacred


Be Creation’s tool

Celebrate in mystery

Enough as you are

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