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31 oct 2011    >   18/9     >  Moon/Hermit


What kinda “Boo” are you up to?

What are you brewing in your pot of life?

What are you really scared of?


BOO… Halloween may be more of a Hallmark Holiday, with it’s gimmickry and over the top gore and excessive indulgence in candy, AND… this is a time to honor those that have transitioned, passed on, left the earth plain and have given us their wisdom.  A time of year to celebrate the ‘world-beyond’ that most of us can’t quite see, tho’ there is this feeling.  This feeling and yearning we can’t quite explain, at least for some of us.  The veil between the worlds is very very thin.


~~~~~~~~~         ?????????         ~~~~~~~~~


Call out to those that have turned to ash

listen to the wisdom of the dead in the wind

Feel the heavens open to celebrate love everlasting


Give to these days the harvest of the soul.

Feed your longing wisdom with death’s silence

For those that go before you whisper “till we meet again”




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15  Sept 2011   >  19/10/1  >    Sun/Wheel of Fortune/Magi


How bright are you willing to shine?

How do you keep your body, mind, and spirit agile?

What will you do with your magic wand today?


A coral glow lays a strip across the street as the Sun rises.  Leaves are quiet on their branches.  Autumn tickles their greens, readying for riotous color in the next few weeks.  Light grows soft on this new day.  Sound isn’t quite awake in my neighborhood.  Coffee just finished brewing…   ya’ll know what that means?

Sippy the coffee.  MMmmm.  The first sip is hot,full, dark, a little bitter; sits for a second on my tongue and lingers on the back of my throat.  More… yes please.


“Time is a rubbery thing.”  I have written about it in the not so distant past, 19 April, as a matter of fact, should you be so inclined to go and take a read at it.  There is no doubt for me that time, as I have aged, is slippery and definitely a rubbery thing.  Years, blend, into each other.  My mind bounces on years past, remembering this and a little of that.  I give myself to reminisce halting the time frame cause I don’t exactly remember when.  Not exactly. Wasn’t it just a couple of years ago? NOPE.. it was six years ago.  Wasn’t that a ‘70’s thing?  NOPE…



Time blends into itself

Sagging skin, wrinkled brow

Betrays the time warp

The mirror has no magic


Yesterday’s time truth gone

The body a day older

Calls the now to defend the loss

Earth time will take your ash


youth hangs her mystery

An ethereal coat of reminisce

Lays the heart to disbelief

aA the body gives way to age


Wisdom is the gift of sag

It comes on the wrinkled brow

It can fill the cup overflowing

As we pour out our youth


And so it goes in slippery time

As it blends into itself

Leaving youth inside 

To tickle at the age of us


We don’t get out of this alive






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2 sept 2011    >  14/5  >   alchemy/art/heirophant


What feeds your creative soul?

How do you make water into wine?

How do you lead spiritually?

 ***** note… I didn’t edit till now and I’m sorry for the mess.   I don’t know wat happened.  lol

I’m in the new house.  There were moments of madness and giddiness as the day unfolded and mountains of ‘stuff’ filled the emptiness.  Now making the house my own.

 As goes my life and yours to, we have l a story and maybe one to share another time.  What I know right now…  Is I’m glad to be here.  It is my kinda space.  The first cup of coffee is a good sippy sippy.  I sit here, facing the expanse of southern windows, the sky is grey, and threatening to open and pour, it’s very quiet in this little 50’s sub, and pretty soon my little dog will arrive and find his new home.   I have lots to say and I desire to unpack the gaggilion boxes I have.  GAGGGIliON.  So.. here is a little Haiku from me to you.


The same is different

Different embraces the same

It will rain today


Holy is the name

Breath into the goodness

Hold moments sacred


Be Creation’s tool

Celebrate in mystery

Enough as you are

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1 Sept 2011    >    13/ 4/0     >  Death/Emperor/Fool


What leads you to transform your life?

How do you secure the insecure?

Can you rid yourself of the ‘have tos, shoulda, coulda, and affirm what you do do?


This is it. A day for transformation.  Jumping into a new life….Breatheeeee.  Slept my last night in this house.  Giving myself to this moment and then to pulling together the misc. that I need to smooth the move.  Sleep was not my friend but for a very short time.  I love the sounds of the night here, crickets and other singing bugs, owls, a cacophony of late summer songs.  I will miss that.  I will really miss the rhythm of my family structure here.  A big deal.



The lyric of the night sings

fills my anxious heart with peace

There is wonder in being the ‘fool’

who takes but a bag of mystery

and a happy dog out into the night

Wanders beneath the moon and stars

lays her weariness on forest green

letting the sounds of the night

chant a deep sleep to dreaming


and what of the mystery held to this fool

who takes the moments as they come

alert and alive to natures wisdom

bringing loyalty and unconditional

love along with her as her companion?

living in the sensual world 

of intuition and instinct

embracing others with heart open

celebrating each moment as if it is the last


Listening to the lyric of the night’s songs

Wandering beneath starry nights and

following the days of season’s flow

laying on the forest green

dreaming life into being.




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31 August  2011   >  16/7   >   Tower/Chariot


What are you building that is rooted to the goodness of your life?

How much is too much?

What are you ready to do that must be done?



HOuses hold memories.  They hold lives and things of importance. They give shelter. “HOme is where the heart is” is a  truth that embodies a tenderness to safety and security.  If the heart is open a home flourishes and the walls pulse with warmth and goodness.  The smell of love comes from the kitchen oven served family style.  

When I leave my home tomorrow to fill another home with my life, my stuff, my heart; it will be with the hope that these walls that have housed me for 10 years will hold some special essence that I gave to it.  That I leave behind my love and care held to these rooms I have shared. The is here. I am sad.


Home is where heart is

heart sits in a sea of salt

I see the shore line


No sadness like loss

left behind to start anew

Sun will kiss again


my breath is in here

all walls know of my essence

wild wind coming


Endings, beginnings

birth always leads to a death

space is made again


Love didn’t leave the home

it took flight out the windows

it’s a heart shaped cloud





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30  august  2011    >  15/6   >   Devil/Lovers


How will you give love to yourself so that you can be a better lover?

What does love look/feel/smell/taste like?

Isn’t it interesting that the word ‘devil’ is lived backwards? What does that mean to you?


In that last question… devil/lived, it occurred to me that when we linger in our past, be it years ago or just yesterday,  we have already lived it;  It’s gone.  It is history and can not be undone nor lived the same again.  Should we choose to cling to what is past, that devil, that trickster, will stir confusion and ‘bedevilment’ into our living in the present moment.  So… in my conclusion of this whole devil/lived word thing, is.  Live for each moment or be be-deviled by what you think you shoulda, coulda, oughta, have done.  What can you do right now?



There is no dismissing history

It brings you here as you are

loaded, a full blown human- being

with a past that has a story


You are not just your history

it’s how you live right now

not how you lived what’s gone

redemption is yours for the asking


Yesterdays lead the way to today

Substance builders for right now

To linger in the past holds you captive

keeps you away from the service to life


To serve life is to be of life

To serve life is to give of life

heart open, fully present



Lived is the devil gone by

his trick is to remind you 

to unchain yourself from the past

Release the evil and live


Your life depends on it






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I left my whining till the end of this mornings sharing.


Storm Girls


Lilith said no to Adam

Her ribs were all her own

Mata Hari danced seduction

spyed between her moans


Nancy Drew solved teenage mystery

she storm from page to page

Olive Oil was Popeye’s darling

skinny love was all the rage


Patty Hearst took to liberation

tho’s she was stolen from her home

Q sits between P and R

with out her they stand alone


Rapuntzel had her hair issues

thanks heavens they saved her life

Sooky Stackhouse gave true blood

to vampires a chance to bite


Trinity wove through the Matrix

Kick some serious ass

Uhura trek across deep space

Enterprising Shatner’s grasp


Vivian Lee gave life to Scarlett

took Tara down in flames

Wonder Woman was quite the gal

Put Superman right to shame


Xena, Warrior Princess

I wanted to dress like you

Yemaya Goddess of Sea

you are a deep sear tour


ZsaZsa was a beauty

Claimed Hollywood for her fame

I am Jeanie Beanie

tis the end of my girly game



29 august 2011   >   14/5   >   Alchemy/Art/Hierophant


What Impossible thing will you do today?

What wisdom do you need to call forth?

How will activate your creativity?

Are you kiddin’ me?


 Three more days till I move.  My body is rebelling.  It’s a little cranky.  Can I just say… DAMN?  What?  Why of course I can say what I please.  haahhaa.   There are other choice adjectives that slip out between my lips that I will refrain from sharing here.  Like when I dropped the edge of the chest of drawers on top of my foot.  Yep… and then when a box of books had it’s unpleasant way with my shin.  OH… and… how about the glass that exploded in my face.    Aren’t you glad you asked?

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